Reynolds Pack 2 – Leaders Mate

Reynolds Pack 2 – Leaders Mate; Travelling the country side in Australia, Jenny has seen and experienced many things. Stopping in Silverton, New South Wales, could be the stop that ends her travelling days.

Helping round up wild horses in the outback, Jenny injures herself. The men that assist her to recover from her injuries are very attentive.

Reynolds Pack 2 Leaders MateJoe’s hands slipped beneath the hem of her shirt and she sighed as his touch cooled some of the hunger coursing through her but it also sent her arousal up another notch. She didn’t even know she’d begun moving her hips, swaying side to side until Blue moaned and his denim-covered dick pulsed against her belly, but once she started she didn’t want to stop.

Joe gripped her hip with one large hand and the other stroked over the skin of her belly and then moved higher. She mewled into Blue’s mouth when Joe began to nibble, suck and lick at the sensitive skin of her neck and when he finally cupped her bra-clad breast she cried out. Her nipples hardened even more and throbbed, sending zings of lust into her cunt and she pressed her legs together to try and appease the ache, but it didn’t help. Nothing helped to ease the hunger coursing through her veins, but then Blue pushed his thigh between her legs and pressed his leg against her mound.

She moaned and sucked on his tongue as she began to move her cloth-covered pussy back and forth over his thigh. The seam of her cargo pants pressed between her cunt lips and rubbed over her engorged sensitive clit, causing her walls to contract and more cream to drip out.

Joe shoved her bra up over her breasts, plucking and pinching at one nipple before moving to the other. His teeth scraped over the skin of her neck and shoulder, causing more shivers of desire to race up her spine. Blue broke the kiss and she drew in great gulps of air but she was so turned on there was no way her breathing would go back to normal.

She felt a little bereft now that Blue’s mouth was no longer on hers and found herself licking at his neck. His salty skin tasted so good she latched on and sucked, nipping and licking as his flavour exploded on her tastebuds. And then both Blue and Joe moved their hands at the same time. Joe’s covered both her breasts, kneading and moulding the soft globes and squeezing her nipples, while Blue’s hands clasped her hips and he pulled her back and forth over his thighs.

Her mouth went dry and she panted for air and although she tried to open her eyes to look at Blue her lids were too heavy to lift. She dug her nails into his chest while she fisted his shirt and let the two men giving her pleasure take the lead.

Her pussy was so wet she had no doubt soaked her panties and the cargo pants she was wearing but she didn’t care. All she cared about was reaching the peak she was racing toward. The friction on her swollen clit was phenomenal and each time Blue moved her cunt over his leg the fire burning inside grew hotter.

Her internal walls rippled and clenched, the need to be filled almost too much to bear and then she was right on the precipice of the most potent orgasm of her life. She was shaking so much she would have fallen over if not for the fact that Blue and Joe were holding her up between them. The tension in her muscles grew so much she swore they were about to burst from beneath her skin and in the next moment she was screaming.

Joe pinched her nipples hard enough to cause a bite of pain at the same time Blue shoved his thigh harder against her cunt and another cry of pleasure left her mouth.

Jenny shook and shivered, her pussy clamping and releasing as more juices leaked from her body. Stars of light formed before her eyes and although she knew she still had to be standing on her own two feet she couldn’t feel them. All she could feel was the nirvanic rapture which had enfolded her whole body. How long the orgasm lasted she had no idea. It could have been seconds, minutes or hours but her brain had shut down as the longest climax she’d ever experienced held her in its grip.

Finally the spasms in her cunt waned and her soul, which she’d felt had left her body entirely, floated back down and reconnected with her physical self. She became aware of the two men holding her between them. Blue no longer had his thigh between her legs but was still holding onto her hips. Joe had somehow managed to tug her bra back down over her breasts and his hands were clasping her ribs.

For a brief moment Jenny cringed at what she’d just let happen, but she pushed her embarrassment aside. From the moment she’d laid eyes on Joe and then Blue she’d felt a deep connection with them and had craved to be closer to them, and there was no way she was going to act all prudish like a Victorian heroine in an historical romance, but she also knew she should slow things down. She hardly knew these two men other than that they were shifters and that they were apparently in love with her. Of course she wasn’t about to let on that she’d heard their conversation, but she also didn’t want to leave anymore.

She wanted to spend time getting to know them and for them to know her before she ended up in bed with them.

With a sigh, she pushed away from Blue and shyly met his eyes. His gaze was so intense with lust she felt her just sated libido perk up again but she pushed it back down.

“Are you okay, baby?”

Jenny shivered as his low raspy voice washed over her. She licked dry lips and nodded as heat suffused her face.

“I’m sorry I got mad with you.” Blue stepped back, scrubbed a hand over his face, and sighed. “It’s just that I don’t want you getting hurt.”

Blue and Joe have a secret that could frighten “their” Jenny away. Will she be able to accept their secret and stay with them? Are the boys able to convince her that they really care for her? Is Jenny able to walk out the door and leave?

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