Reynolds Pack 2 – Leaders Mate

Reynolds Pack 2 – Leaders Mate; Travelling the country side in Australia, Jenny has seen and experienced many things. Stopping in Silverton, New South Wales, could be the stop that ends her travelling days.

Helping round up wild horses in the outback, Jenny injures herself. The men that assist her to recover from her injuries are very attentive.

Reynolds Pack 2 Leaders MateJenny Rivers has spent the last three months travelling and exploring Australia. When she arrives at Silverton in New South Wales and sees some men trying to capture wild brumbies, she steps in and ends up getting hurt.

Blue Reynolds knows as soon as he smells and sees Jenny that she is his mate, but since he’s in wolf form, he can’t very well change back to his human form to help the injured woman, so he calls his Beta cousin, Joe, for help.

Joe finds out that Jenny is also his mate and they take her back to their home to care for her and hopefully talk her into staying with them instead of continuing her travels. However when Blue reveals his inner self right in front of an ignorant Jenny, the men think all hope is lost.

It’s up to Blue and Joe to convince Jenny that her heart is safe in their hands. Can they convince her to take a chance on love or will they lose her forever?

Blue and Joe have a secret that could frighten “their” Jenny away. Will she be able to accept their secret and stay with them? Are the boys able to convince her that they really care for her? Is Jenny able to walk out the door and leave?

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