Passion, Victoria 8 – Hidden Emotions

Passion, Victoria 8 – Hidden Emotions. Sapphira Dixon, feeling tired as she passes through Passion, pulls over to have a nap in her car. Waking in the home and care of the Sinclair brothers, it all seems so surreal.

The beautiful woman needs care but also craves independence. Can Passion provide the safety and peace Sapphira has been searching for? Is she able to truly release her hidden emotions and find peace? Read the following adult excerpt to feel Sapphira’s plight.


Passion, Victoria 8 - Hidden Emotions - By Becca Van

Passion, Victoria 8 – Hidden Emotions

Ryan felt honored that his dominant brothers were going to let him be the first to make love with Sapphira, but he was also nervous because the last thing he wanted to do was hurt her. He sighed with resignation and excitement but he was going to make damn sure if she did feel any pain, it would be minimal.

He was aware of her eyes on his body and hoped she liked what she saw. He had muscles and his abdomen was delineated, but he wasn’t as big and brawny as his older siblings. He pushed that uncertainty aside straight away. If Sapphira didn’t like him she would never have agreed to be with him, any of them for that matter. He lifted his head and saw the way her eyes were running over his shoulders, arms, and chest, and his breath caught in his throat when she locked gazes with him. Her eyes were glazed, she was panting with desire, and her cheeks were flushed again.

Yes, she definitely likes what she sees.

When he reached for his belt buckle, her gaze skittered down and stopped where his hands were working on his belt. He released that and then undid the button and slowly lowered his zipper. The rasp of the metal teeth sounded loud, even to his own ears. Ryan pushed his jeans down over his hips and took his boxers with them. He heard her gasp of breath and looked down to see his erection bobbing up and down until it finally stopped, pointing straight out at her.

The haziness in her eyes increased and then she licked her lips. Ryan stifled his groan at that unconscious provocative action and finally managed to get his jeans and boxers off over his feet. He got back up on the bed and then moved up until he was covering Sapphira without touching her. His knees were on either side of her hips and his hands near her shoulders.

Are you sure you want this, honey? Because once we make love to you there is no turning back.”

I’m sure.” Sapphira squeaked, cleared her throat and then nodded.

Ryan bent his elbows and leaned down to take her mouth. He kissed her deeply, entangling his tongue with hers, and nipped and licked and tasted every inch of her sweet cavern. While their mouths were connected he slowly shifted and lowered his body down over hers until they were skin to skin from mouth to knees and everywhere in between, but he made sure to keep most of his weight off of her.

When he finally lifted his head, he glided his tongue down the side of her neck until he reached her collarbone. He sucked and then nipped the skin and smiled when she cried out and arched up into him. Ryan heard Kael when he spoke but didn’t stop what he was doing to acknowledge his brother.

Ryan found a sweet spot, guys, make sure you remember it.”

Ryan kissed his way down until he reached one of her dusky rose nipples and scraped his teeth over it. Sapphira was so damn responsive and she whimpered and arched up into his touch. With slow precision and care, Ryan worked his way down her body until his head was hovering over her sweet, musky-smelling cunt. He settled down on his belly between her legs and hooked his arms around her smooth, shapely upper thighs and then he spread her wide.

He lapped through her folds, drinking down her juices, and then he lifted her arse up off the bed and licked her anus. Sapphira mewled in the back of her throat but she didn’t freeze up or try to pull away. He was glad that she liked what he was doing because eventually she would have a cock in her arse.

Ryan glided his tongue back up through her dew-coated folds, collecting her cream on the tip of his tongue, and then he flicked it over her engorged pearl. She moaned and even as she tried to arch her hips up into his mouth, she tried to wriggle away. He looked up her body and was pleased that Kai was kissing her while Kadan and Kael sucked on her nipples.

When her legs began to shake and her belly began to quiver, Ryan knew she was on the verge of climax. He held her legs wide and got up onto his knees and was about to start penetrating her when he remember to protect her. He’d been so caught up in her, he’d nearly forgotten.

Kadan must have seen his hesitation and known the reason for it, because he reached into the bedside drawer and then tossed a foil packet at him. Ryan caught it, tore it open with his teeth, and then donned the latex. After placing a hand on the top of her mound, so he could feel her belly and also caress her clit, he slowly began to penetrate her pussy.

Ryan watched in awe as her wet, delicate tissue spread to accept him. He wasn’t a small man but he was smaller than his brothers and when the head of his cock popped through the tight muscles of her opening, he held still.

Kai was watching her face and whispering something into her ear and Kadan and Kael were still sucking and nibbling on her breasts.

Are you okay, honey? Am I hurting you?”

No,” she gasped. “You feel so good, Ryan. Give me more.”

Kael, Kadan and Kai have seen a lot of bad things in service of the military. Can they find happiness now they are home? Has the introduction of Sapphira into their lives given them the a taste of peace at home?

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