Passion, Victoria 8 – Hidden Emotions

Passion, Victoria 8 – Hidden Emotions. Sapphira Dixon, feeling tired as she passes through Passion, pulls over to have a nap in her car. Waking in the home and care of the Sinclair brothers, it all seems so surreal.

The beautiful woman needs care but also craves independence. Can Passion provide the safety and peace Sapphira has been searching for? Is she able to truly release her hidden emotions and find peace? Read the following blurb to feel Sapphira’s plight.

Passion, Victoria 8 - Hidden Emotions - By Becca Van

Dr. Ryan Sinclair knows as soon as he sees the unconscious Sapphira Dixon that he could easily fall in love with her, and when his triplet brothers Kael, Kadan, and Kai see the gorgeous six-foot-tall woman they want her too.

Since Ryan is attracted to her, he can’t and won’t treat her as his patient but takes her to see one of his work colleagues. Sapphira is diagnosed with the sleep disorder narcolepsy and cataplexy, and Ryan and his brothers are determined to help her learn to control her disorder as well court her into their beds and hearts.

The five people have to overcome hidden emotions and insecurities before they can move forward into an open, loving relationship, and just as it looks like their feelings are deepening, danger comes calling. Will Kael, Kadan, Kai, and Ryan be able to save their woman, or will she succumb to the narcolepsy and be lost to them forever?

Kael, Kadan and Kai have seen a lot of bad things in service of the military. Can they find happiness now they are home? Has the introduction of Sapphira into their lives given them the a taste of peace at home?

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