Passion, Victoria 5 – Nikki’s Awakening

Passion, Victoria 5 – Nikki’s Awakening. Nikki is an artist with a focus and determination, could her plans be derailed by the Spencer brothers, does she have room in her life to commit to another passion?

Read the Adult Excerpt here to see what lies ahead for Nikki.


Passion, Victoria 5 - Nikki's Awakening

Passion, Victoria 5 – Nikki’s Awakening

Colt kissed her with a confident carnality, which had her writhing and whimpering in his arms. He thrust his tongue in and out of her mouth as he picked her up and gently placed her on the mattress, until she was lying on her back and he came down on top her, his big body covering hers, but he supported his weight on his arms so he wouldn’t crush her. He weaned his lips from hers and sat back on his haunches between her thighs.

You are so beautiful, little girl. We are going to make you feel so good,” Tony said from her side and when she turned to face him, her face flushed with need when he looked at her with hunger.

Colt slid his fingers underneath the elastic of her panties and pulled them down over her hips. All three men groaned when they saw her Brazilian-waxed pussy. The pink skin was swollen with her arousal and even she could see the dew on the edge of her labial lips. Colt used his thumbs and spread her folds apart and stared at the dark pink of her slit. He slid one of his fingers through her cream and then gently massaged her clit with the pad of his finger.

He swirled that digit around and over her clit until she was bucking her hips up into his touch. He moved back and lay down on his stomach until his head was level with her aching cunt. Colt licked her from arse to clit and back again until she was moaning and writhing under his ministrations.

He slid a finger into her tight sheath and groaned when her muscles fluttered around his finger, trying to hold him inside her body. He licked over and around her clit as Bear kissed her and plucked at one of her nipples. Tony laved and bit at the nipple of her other breast and stroked his hand over the skin of her belly.

Nikki was on fire. She couldn’t get enough of the pleasure they were giving her, but it was too much. She pulled her mouth from Bear’s and cried out, “Please stop, it’s too good. You’re going to kill me.”

Do you really want us to stop, Nikki?” Tony rasped.

No, but I don’t…”

No, baby, we aren’t killing you. We’re giving you pleasure. We could never give you too much pleasure. Doesn’t it feel good to have Colt’s fingers buried in your pussy as he licks your clit? We know you love it when Tony and I play with these pretty nipples. You can’t lie to us, baby. Your body tells us everything we need to know. Just think about how good it’s going to feel when one of us is buried in your pretty little pussy and another of us in your arse, while you suck one of us off.” Bear’s deep voice sent a quake through her body as she imagined them doing what he had just described to her.

Nikki could feel the warning tingles of her impending climax as Colt pumped two fingers in and out of her pussy, all the while licking and sucking at her clit. Her internal walls fluttered and then she was right on the edge. Liquid fire spread through her body and she cried out as her pussy clamped down on Colt’s fingers and she came with such a force she saw stars.

Oh yeah, sweetheart, give me that sweet cream.” Colt groaned before he went back to licking her folds, slurping up all her juices and then he gently withdrew his fingers from her pussy and lifted his head.

We are going to fuck you all night long, little girl,” Tony said, as he, Colt, and Bear rolled from the bed, stood to their feet and stared at her.

Nikki opened her passion-hazy eyes and stared at the three men as they stripped their clothes from their bodies. Tony was the first to be standing totally naked beside the bed and she gasped when she saw the large appendage standing erect between his legs. Her eyes went to Colt as he pulled the last of his clothes from his body. He was just as impressive as his eldest brother, but was longer. She glanced over at Bear, her gaze locking with his as he slowly pulled his jeans and underpants from his body. She stared in awe and slight fear as she saw his massive size. She moved like lightning until she was up against the head of the bed with her arms wrapped around her legs protectively.

No. There is no way that will fit in my body.” Nikki pointed to Bear’s cock.

Baby, you know I’d never hurt you, don’t you?” Bear asked, looking a little worried.

Nikki couldn’t take her eyes away from his massive cock. She gave a nod of affirmation, her gaze still glued to his engorged penis.

Please, Nikki? We only want to make you feel good. Let me in to your body and make you feel good. If I hurt you too much all you have to do is tell me and I’ll pull out, okay?” Bear moved up onto the bed and reached for her.

Okay,” Nikki replied and sighed as she relaxed once more. Knowing they would stop if she asked them made her feel so much better.

Nikki’s career focus has done little to deter the brothers, who will do anything to make Nikki feel safe and satisfied. Can Passion develop another menage family.

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