Passion, Victoria 5 – Nikki’s Awakening

Passion, Victoria 5 – Nikki’s Awakening. Nikki is an artist with a focus and determination, could her plans be derailed by the Spencer brothers, does she have room in her life to commit to another passion? Read the Blurb here to see what lies ahead for Nikki.

Passion, Victoria 5 - Nikki's Awakening

Nikki Sprite is a fairly new resident to the town of Passion in Victoria. She has set up an art gallery and her career is just taking off when she meets the three Spencer brothers.

Tony, Colt, and Brandon “Bear” Spencer meet Nikki and know she is the one woman meant for them. They help her out of trouble and seduce her. Nikki runs as she is too scared to commit to anyone and wants to concentrate on her career. The three men recapture her and set about punishing her with their dominant sexuality into telling them she really does have feelings for the three men.

Nikki’s ex-boyfriend Bob Hackett arrives on the scene and things start going awry. Will the three men get to her in time or will her insane ex destroy any chance the four people have of happiness?

Nikki’s career focus has done little to deter the brothers, who will do anything to make Nikki feel safe and satisfied. Can Passion develop another menage family.


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