Passion, Victoria 2 – Toni’s Reluctance

Passion, Victoria 2 – Toni’s Reluctance, the second of the Passion, Victoria series brings us into the world of Antonia Cameron, an attractive coffee shop owner with a strong will and a damaged history.

Is she willing to be seduced by the menage lifestyle in Passion. Here is the adult excerpt for this tale of passion in Passion.


Passion, Victoria 2 - Toni's Reluctance

Passion, Victoria 2 – Toni’s Reluctance

Oh, yeah. Good girl. Now take me into that sweet mouth of yours,” Jack rasped.

Toni opened wide and sucked Jack’s crown into her mouth. Jack tilted his head back and clenched his jaw, but Ben heard the low growl that escaped his brother’s mouth.

Toni sucked in as much as she could but they were both big men and Ben could see she was struggling to take Jack’s cock. She withdrew and then licked up and down the underside of his cock gliding her tongue over the large vein. She sucked and nibbled then took Jack’s penis back into her mouth and started bobbing her head in a steady rhythm in time to Jack’s gently thrusting hips.

Ben held still while he watched Toni administer to Jack’s erection. When he felt the muscles in her pussy relax, he slid back a smidgeon then pushed forward until he was in another inch. He moaned out loud as her muscles contracted and released around his hard flesh. He began to slide back and pushed in more each time he thrust forward. He moved his finger lightly around and over her clit and kept pushing until he was in halfway. He was shaking with desire and from holding back thrusting into her body with one hard surge. Sweat rolled down his temples and off his forehead as he tried to keep his passion under a tight rein.

Toni pulled her mouth from Jack’s cock with a slurping sound and yelled with frustration. “I am not made of glass, Ben. I need all of you in me, now. Please?”

I don’t want to hurt you, baby, you’re so tight,” Ben clenched his jaw.

Do you think I would be doing this if I thought you would hurt me? Just fuck me,” Toni demanded.

Ben unleashed his control, moved back slightly and slammed in until his balls were flush with her ass. He held still when Toni cried out.

I’m sorry, baby, I didn’t want to hurt you.”

You are not hurting me, Ben. It’s too much pleasure, I can’t take anymore.”

Ben sighed with relief and smiled down at her as he stared into her passion glazed eyes. “Yes you can, baby. We’ve only just started. We are going to make you feel so good.”

He held still giving her time to adjust to his size, also, so Jack could get his cock back into her mouth. When Toni was once more into a rhythm both Jack and she were comfortable with, he withdrew his cock until just the tip was inside her and then he pressed back in. He set up a slow easy rhythm until he felt her internal muscles ease and his access in to her body got easier. He increased his pace with each forward momentum until the sound of their bodies slapping together echoed throughout the room.

Toni, let me go. I’m gonna come, sugar,” Jack moaned.

Toni moved her hand up between Jack’s legs, took his balls into the palm of her hand and gently massaged him while she sucked him in hard, not relinquishing him from her mouth.

Toni, I’m gonna come now,” Jack tipped his head back and roared as his cock spewed its load down her throat. She licked, sucked and swallowed until Jack’s legs began to shake and he went limp in her mouth.

You’re such a bad girl, sugar. You’re going to pay for not doing as you were told,” Jack whispered but Ben heard every word.

Ben was slamming into her now and he could feel the muscles of her pussy quivering as they bound tighter and tighter into a coil. She was going to break.

Oh! Ah! Ben I’m gonna…”

Oh yeah! Come on, baby. Come for me. Milk my cock,” Ben groaned.

Toni screamed as the coil snapped and she plummeted over the edge of the cliff with orgasm. Her body shook and quaked, squeezing and releasing his cock hard and fast. The tingles at the base of his spine warned of his own impending release.

Fuck yeah. That’s it, babe, soak me with your cum. My turn,” Ben tipped his head back and yelled out his release. He fell on top of her being careful not to crush her small body with his large frame as he panted for air trying to calm his ragged breathing. When he could breathe again without gasping, he leaned down and placed a kiss on Toni’s lips. He had to bite his tongue so he wouldn’t blurt out those three words he was longing to say in case he scared her away. It was really hard to hold them back.

He and Jack had known the first time they set eyes on her that she was special. The one woman meant for them. They’d been going into her shop ever since courting her and trying to get her to go out with them but she had thwarted them at every turn. Well, he wasn’t putting up with that any longer. He had her right where he wanted her and he wasn’t about to let her go. Never again!

You’re so sexy, baby,” Ben withdrew his half flaccid cock from her body. He moved over to the bin in the corner of the kitchen and disposed of the used condom. When he turned back Toni was sitting up on the table and trying to wiggle her arse off so she could stand. Jack picked her up and helped her to her feet holding her steady as she wobbled on legs none too steady.

Ben and Jack are keen to know Toni much better but need to break through her defenses before she will even give them the time of day. Find out what it takes to break down her defenses. Passion, Victoria – Toni’s Reluctance.

You’ll want to re read this one!

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