Passion, Victoria 2 – Toni’s Reluctance

Passion, Victoria 2 – Toni’s Reluctance, the second of the Passion, Victoria series brings us into the world of Antonia Cameron, an attractive coffee shop owner with a strong will and a damaged history.

Is she willing to be seduced by the menage lifestyle in Passion. Here is the blurb for this tale of passion in Passion.

Passion, Victoria 2 - Toni's Reluctance

Antonia Cameron is part owner of a coffee shop in the country town of Passion in Victoria, Australia, with her sister, Natasha. She is being courted by two new residents, Ben and Jack Landon, the owners of the new adult shop, which is across the road from Toni’s shop.

The two brothers are persistent with their courting of Toni. They can see she has feelings and desire for them whenever she looks at them.

Toni has built a wall around her heart, as her one and only experience with a man led to her being physically and emotionally hurt.

Ben and Jack need to break through the walls she has encased herself in without hurting her physically or psychologically in the process. Everything begins going downhill when the brothers realize in their arrogance, they have probably burnt their bridges and have no hope of having a relationship with the woman of their dreams.

Ben and Jack are keen to know Toni much better but need to break through her defenses before she will even give them the time of day. Find out what it takes to break down her defenses. Passion, Victoria – Toni’s Reluctance.

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