Passion, Victoria 11 – Tiffany’s Return

Passion, Victoria 11 – Tiffany’s Return. Becca Van has expanded this quick read from the free App version to be the eleventh installment of the Passion, Victoria series.

Tiffany Cowan, having left town to pursue her career goals, returns with a heavy heart. The same heart that her old neighbours think has grown up to be a very beautiful young lady. Will Tiffany let them in when she feels such hurt, or will she leave not knowing of their intentions.

Read the following Adult Excerpt and be a part of Passion, Victoria.

Passion, Victoria - Tiffany's Return by Becca VanTiffany was so turned on she was shaking. She reached up and clutched at Todd’s hair and tried to steady herself, but it was impossible. This was really happening. After years and years of wanting to be with them, it was finally happening, and even though she was excited, she was scared, too. Would she measure up to all those girls they’d had, or would she be a disappointment?

The thoughts running around in her head floated away, and then she could only feel. Two hands touched on her waist and then pushed beneath the hem of her shirt. She cried out when one hand skimmed up her stomach and caressed the underside of her breast through her bra.

Todd lifted his mouth from hers, and she met his glittering, narrowed-eyed, lust-filled stare. Just as he moved his hand and cupped her breast, fingers pulled at the button of her jeans and then the zipper was being lowered.

She tensed up when Matt tugged at the waistband of her jeans, but when Todd shushed her, his breath caressing against the sensitive skin of her ear, some of the tension dissipated.

She shook with arousal as her jeans and panties were lowered down her legs and then pulled off over her feet. Todd unbuttoned her shirt, and then he pushed her camisole up over her breasts. She inhaled raggedly and then gasped when he flicked open the front closure of her bra.

“Holy shit, sweetheart. You are magnificent,” Todd rasped, and when he looked down at the rest of her body, she felt her cheeks heat.

She wasn’t sure if it was with embarrassment or desire, then figured it was probably both.

“Fucking spectacular,” Matt whispered, and when she met his eyes, she felt like she was drowning in them.

When he brushed his fingers through her wet folds, she moaned and arched her hips up into his touch. But then she held her breath as he lowered his head, and she cried out as she exhaled when he put his mouth on her and licked her from her dripping hole to the engorged bundle of nerves at the top of her slit.

Tiffany felt almost mad with desire and couldn’t keep her heavy eyelids open. They closed of their own accord, and she made a noise that almost sounded like a purr in the back of her throat when Todd sucked one of her nipples into his hot, wet mouth and started suckling on it strongly.

She’d never been so turned on in her life. Her whole body was aching with hunger, and she was trembling with need.

“Mmm.” Matt’s deep voice rumbled against her pussy and sent vibrations rippling deep into her womb.

And then she felt his finger skimming around the outside edge of her vagina as his tongue lapped over her clit. The ache grew bigger, and the tension began to build. Her muscles grew tighter and tighter, and the walls of her cunt felt like they were closing in on themselves.

Never had she felt such pleasure before, and although she was climbing to the inevitable pinnacle, she gasped for breath and tried to stave it off. But he and Todd must have felt her resistance, because all of a sudden Matt was pushing a finger up into her pussy and Todd moved to suckle on her other nipple while pinching and plucking the wet one he’d just released from his mouth.

Matt lifted his head for a moment, and he almost growled his next words. “Stop fighting us, baby. We’ll keep you safe. Let go, Tiffany.”

When he lowered his head again this time, he drew her clit into his mouth and sucked gently but firmly and started pumping his finger in and out of her vagina. Cream dripped from her hole down onto her anus, and just before the gathering storm culminated, he pressed his thumb over her rosette.

The heart only has room for so much pain, can the Murray brothers lighten the load and make the return home last forever?

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