Passion, Victoria 11 – Tiffany’s Return

Passion, Victoria 11 – Tiffany’s Return. Becca Van has expanded this quick read from the free App version to be the eleventh installment of the Passion, Victoria series.

Tiffany Cowan, having left town to pursue her career goals, returns with a heavy heart. The same heart that her old neighbours think has grown up to be a very beautiful young lady. Will Tiffany let them in when she feels such hurt, or will she leave not knowing of their intentions.

Passion, Victoria - Tiffany's Return by Becca VanTiffany Cowan is back in Passion to look after her dying grandmother after being away for four years. She takes the opportunity for a break when her grandma has visitors and heads to the Four Passion Club.

Matt and Todd Murray are astounded by the change in their neighbour and can’t believe how sexy, gorgeous, and grown up she is. They have been looking for a woman they can settle down with and know that Tiffany is that woman.

But when her grandmother passes the men aren’t sure they will ever get to hold her in their arms again let alone for the rest of their lives.

Will Tiffany’s pain keep them at an arm’s length or will she grab on to life with both hands and hold on?

The heart only has room for so much pain, can the Murray brothers lighten the load and make the return home last forever?

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