Misty Kane woke up in a strange house surrounded by strange people after being attacked by a huge dog, but when she tries to leave, her rescuers refuse to let her go.

Finding out werewolves exist and that she was savaged by one is a shock. Finding out the men who saved her are also werewolves and she is their mate, is an even a bigger shock.

Decker, Billy and Lewis Domain are worried that the rogue wolf who brutalized their mate will try to get to her again. With the rest of the packs help they search for the lone werewolf, but he remains elusive.

Little by little the three Domain brothers show Misty they’re not to be feared and though she tries to fight the hyper-attraction to the three men, it’s a losing battle.

In moment of impatience Misty leaves pack land and winds up in danger again, but this time she knows she won’t survive.

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