That was the only word Billy could think of when Misty had taken his dick into her mouth, and as much as he would have loved to let her continue, he was too fucking hungry for her. The first time he came with her he wanted to be embedded deep in her wet cunt as he claimed her.

He had no idea how he’d managed to keep himself from sinking his cock into her pussy the moment Decker had moved aside, but thankfully he’d remained seated. If he’d as so much as moved a muscle, he would have fucked her like the animal he was.

He’d thought he’d had his hunger back on a tight leash, but as soon as she licked him, he’d been hanging on by the tips of his fingers. It had been all over when she sucked his dick into her wet heat.

He took about a second to eye her sexy naked body over after tossing her onto the bed, and then he leapt up onto the mattress. Taking a few deep breaths helped him to curb his lustful excitement until the flames leaping inside of him were somewhat subdued. When he lifted his hands, reaching out toward her, he was shocked to see them shaking.

Billy had never felt anything like this in his life. Now, he understood what all the other wolves in his family were talking about when they’d spoken about the need to be with and claim the other halves to their souls. The need to complete the bond between a werewolf and their mate was almost a possessive compulsive necessity that he couldn’t and didn’t want to deny. How the hell he’d waited for her consent he had no idea, but he was glad that they had.

He wanted to kiss and lick every inch her of, taste her, and consume her, but he was too hungry to take his time. Hopefully the next time he made love to her he could do everything he wanted, but right now he felt as if he didn’t get inside of her, he was going to die.

Instead of covering her body with his, the way Decker had, he clasped her upper arms and pulled her toward him. As he sat back on his bent legs, he lifted her up and onto his lap. She gasped then moaned as she wiggled on his thighs, his cock rubbing against her cunt and her belly.

“Lift up, darlin’,” Billy said raspingly. As she pushed up higher onto her knees, he gripped her ass, kneading her butt cheeks, then clasped the base of his dick. Again, he drew in a couple of deep breaths, trying to bank the hunger raging inside of him. He wanted to align his dick with her cunt and spear into her until he was in all the way, but he held still, hoping she’d be the one to take the initiative. He would have asked, no, tell her to take him inside of her, but he couldn’t seem to get his tongue to form the words.

Thankfully, she wanted him as much as he wanted her because she clutched at his shoulders and lowered herself down. He growled as she enveloped the head of his dick in her wet heat and groaned when she rose up slightly.

She held his gaze with her heated blue eyes, sucked in a deep breath, then dropped down onto him hard and fast. His wolf howled as he headbutted his insides, trying to get out to claim his mate. Though his fangs had already partially lengthened, he kept his mouth and teeth away from her neck.

Misty skimmed her hands over his shoulders, his arms, then over his chest before caressing up again. She wrapped her arms around his neck, gripped his hair, and started moving up and down over his aching dick. When she lowered her gaze to his mouth, licked her lips, and kissed him, he thought he’d lose his mind.

She stroked her tongue into his mouth, twirling and curling it around his. He tilted his head and took the kiss deeper, caressed his other hand down her back, and gripped both of her ass cheeks just as she took all of his cock inside of her hot, tight cunt. He squeezed her ass, broke the kiss, panted, and held still as he waited for her to stop clenching around his cock. She was so fucking wet her juices were dribbling down and dripping off his balls.

When he felt her tense, about ready to move, he used his upper body strength and helped her rise. He lifted and lowered her off and onto his dick as he rocked his hips, sliding his cock in and out of her snug cunt.

Lewis crawled up behind her, cupped both of her breasts, and rolled her nipples between his fingers and thumbs. Each time his brother applied pressure to her sensitive nubs, her internal muscles rippled around and along the length of his erection. He growled and tried to keep himself from moving her too fast, but when it felt like her cunt was sucking at the head of his cock, it was an impossibility.

The tips of his fingers tingled, and just before his claws elongated, he eased his grasp on her ass so he wouldn’t hurt her by puncturing her soft, silky flesh.

Lewis drew his hands away from her breasts just before Billy lifted Misty from his dick, turned her around, and placed her on the mattress on all fours. She gasped and gazed at him over her shoulder. Again, he wanted to apologize or say something to reassure her, but he was too far gone with lust to speak. He surged forward up onto his knees, gripped one of her hips with his hand, grabbed the base of his dick, notched the head to her cunt, and pierced her with one thrust.

“Oh,” she moaned.

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