Pack Law 7 – Carter Finds Two Mates

Pack Law 7 – Carter Finds Two Mates. Carter Friess has been longing for his mate. As Crag Reynolds walked into his life, Carter realized that he was his mate. Never envisioning a male mate, his head fights his feelings for this match. As the two men get accustomed with each other, Tammy enters their life. Tammy has had a neglected past, but even with the neglect of her stepfather, a heavy burden still threatens to destroy her life and the boys happiness.

As Tammy faces her stepfathers legacy, which threatens her life, the men face a real threat to happiness. Security of their mate is paramount, what are they able to do to save Tammy’s life. Read the following Adult Excerpt to have a taste of Carter Finds Two Mates.

Pack Law 7 - Carter Finds Two Mates

Pack Law 7 – Carter Finds Two Mates

“Come here, baby,” Crag ordered, and Carter stepped closer.

He closed his eyes when Crag began to wash him. He loved the way his mate’s rough hands felt caressing him all over. Crag wasn’t shy about touching him anywhere. He soaped up his ass, as well as his cock and balls. When he had washed every inch of him from the tip of his toes to the top of his head, Carter stepped under the spray and rinsed off.

He took the soap from the shelf and lathered up his hands. “Have you ever had sex with a man before?” Carter asked.


“So you’re an ass virgin, too?”

“Yes, baby. I love the way you Americans say ass.”

“How do you say it?” Carter asked.

“I love your arse, Carter, and I can’t wait to bury my cock inside you.”

“Arse, huh?”

“That’s right. I love your accent.”

“I like yours, too, Crag.”

“If you say so.”

“You don’t believe me?” Carter frowned. “I don’t lie.”

“I didn’t say you did, mate.”


Crag sighed. “An American accent is so much nicer than an Aussie’s. You all seem to round out your vowels and pronounce everything with perfect diction. Us Aussies tend to sound flat when we speak, and we’re lazy, too. We drop a lot of letters when we speak.”

“Hey, we can be lazy, too. I don’t think your accent sounds flat.”

“I was just sayin’ like I hear it. It’s a good thing you like my accent, baby, because you’re going to be hearing it for the rest of your life.”

Carter began to wash Crag. He started on his back and worked his way down his body from his neck to his heels. When he was done, he moved around to clean his front. Crag groaned when he bathed his big, hard cock and then sighed when he cleansed his balls. By the time he’d finished cleaning his mate, he didn’t want to wait any longer. After Crag rinsed off, Carter turned off the water, stepped out of the shower, and grabbed two towels.

Their eyes connected as they dried off, and Carter couldn’t look away from his mate’s gaze. Not that he really wanted to.

Crag led the way back to the bedroom and then pulled the covers and sheet down to the bottom of the bed.

Carter took a deep breath and crawled onto the mattress. Crag got on beside him, but instead of lying down next to him, he sat on his haunches and stared at him. “I want to taste you on my tongue, baby.”

He gulped but didn’t refuse, because he wanted Crag’s mouth on him as much as he seemed to want to taste his cock. He nodded in acceptance and then closed his eyes when Crag moved closer and began to touch him. Just having those massive, masculine hands running up and down his body made Carter shake with desire, and he wondered if he would be able to stand having his mouth on him, too.

“Open your eyes, Carter. I want you to watch me pleasure you.”

Carter’s eyes snapped open, and he met Crag’s glowing golden eyes. His wolf pushed to the surface, and it was like both their animals rubbed against each other.

“Did you feel that, baby?” Crag’s voice sounded as awed as he felt, and any qualms that Carter had left about having a man as a mate dissolved.


Crag shifted on the bed until he was lying on his belly between Carter’s thighs. Carter had to spread his legs far apart to accommodate his mate’s wide, bulky shoulders. Crag leaned down, breathed in the scent of his cock and balls, and growled.

“You smell so fucking good.”

Carter groaned when Crag wrapped his hand around his erection and pumped up and down a few times. He thrust his hips up, silently begging for more. He didn’t have to wait long. His mate licked him from balls to the tip of his cock and back again. Carter shuddered and moaned, but when Crag latched onto first one testicle and then the other and sucked it into his mouth, Carter was lost. He was lost in a sea of sensation and desire, and he never wanted it to end.

Crag released his gonad and then met his eyes. “I love those noises you make. My dick is so hard it’s aching.”

“Mine, too,” Carter panted.

“Let me help you with that, baby.”

Crag gripped the base of his cock and then sucked him into his mouth. Hot, wet heat enveloped him, and Carter growled low in his throat.

“Yes. Suck my cock. Make me come.”

Crag sucked him hard and fast. He hollowed out his cheeks, took him to the back of his throat, and then swallowed. Carter knew he wasn’t going to last long. Already the base of his spine was tingling and heat was encompassing his cock and balls, but when Crag took him down further into his throat and swallowed again, he was done for.

Carter couldn’t hold back the tide any longer. “Gonna. Come,” he panted.

Crag gripped his balls and then rolled them in his sac. Carter shouted, and then he shot load after load of cum down his mate’s throat. He lay on the bed shaking and panting and hadn’t even realized he’d closed his eyes until he opened them again.

His mate had a shit-eating grin on his face, but he also had a world of emotion in his eyes, and it was directed at Carter. He felt his eyes moisten and looked away, but Crag wasn’t about to let him get away with that. He cupped Carter’s cheek and brought his gaze back to him.

“That was beautiful, mate. I love the way you taste. Will you suck me and get me nice and wet?”


Crag lay down on his back next to him, and Carter shifted onto his hands and knees then moved between his mate’s legs.

Tammy accepted the life of the werewolf pack better than most. Sharing her self with others was never as easy as this, but is that all about to end?

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