Pack Law 7 – Carter Finds Two Mates

Pack Law 7 – Carter Finds Two Mates. Carter Friess has been longing for his mate. As Crag Reynolds walked into his life, Carter realized that he was his mate. Never envisioning a male mate, his head fights his feelings for this match. As the two men get accustomed with each other, Tammy enters their life.

Tammy has had a neglected past, but even with the neglect of her stepfather, a heavy burden still threatens to destroy her life and the boys happiness. As Tammy faces her stepfathers legacy, which threatens her life, the men face a real threat to happiness. Security of their mate is paramount, what are they able to do to save Tammy’s life. 

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Pack Law 7 - Carter Finds Two Mates

Pack Law 7 – Carter Finds Two Mates

Carter Friess wants a mate, but when Crag Reynolds, a wolf from the second largest pack in the world, walks through the door and he realizes the man is his mate, he isn’t sure what to do. He’d always envisaged a woman when he imagined his mate but when he is close to Crag he can’t resist him. Crag is a wonderful man and because they are both wolves and fated mates they fall in love from the start.

And then Tammy Adams walks into the Aztec Club bruised and battered after being hit by her stepfather, and Carter knows she is their mate too. But what none of them realize is that Tammy’s life is in jeopardy.

Tammy accepts Crag and Carter as her mates, but just when their relationship is strengthening, danger comes to town. It’s a race against time for Carter and Crag to get to Tammy before it’s too late.

Tammy accepted the life of the werewolf pack better than most.

Sharing her self with others was never as easy as this, but is that all about to end?

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