Hidden Dragons

Hidden Dragons, the first book of this series by Becca Van revives the eternal conflict between Dragons and Dragon Hunters. Hidden from the world they long to protect, all Dragons live for a long time shifting from Dragon form to human form.

Belinda, meets with the three Dragons, in human form, after having had many erotic dreams about them. Unaware of the existence of Dragons and their war with Dragon Hunters, Belinda is not accepting or willing to believe she is to be part of this world.

These Dragons must now not only convince this lady that she is to be part of a new world, but save her from the conflict in which they have unintentionally introduced her.

Hidden Dragons 1She glanced at him over Ed’s shoulder and gave him a smile so sexy and sultry he had to grab his balls and squeeze them so he wouldn’t shoot off. When she started licking and nipping at Ed’s neck, a rumble of desire started in his chest and escaped his mouth.

Erwin slammed the door closed and stalked over to the sofa where Ed had just put Belinda. Her face was flushed and she was breathing heavily and she’d never looked so sexy with her hair strewn around her head and shoulders.

Ed sat down next to her and Eli knelt down in front of her as Erwin sat on her other side. Erwin turned her face to his and began kissing her voraciously. Ed pushed her T-shirt up, unclipped the front closure of her bra, and began sucking on one nipple while tweaking and plucking on the other.

Eli pulled the button on her jeans and lowered the zipper. He tugged the denim down over her hips and her panties came down with them, and when he had them off over her feet, he dropped them to the side onto the floor. She’d only put thick socks on and they were easy to get rid of. He placed his hands on her shins and gently caressed his way up to her knees. He loved the passionate sounds she made as Erwin kissed her and the moans that left her mouth as Ed sucked on her nipples.

When he got to her knees, he slowly and gently pushed them apart, giving her time to protest and stop him if she wanted to, but she never did. In fact she spread her legs wider, unconsciously giving him the go-ahead to touch her.

Eli leaned in closer to her cunt and groaned at the sweet smell of her cream. His mouth watered for a taste and his dragon rumbled in agreement. He grasped her hips, lifted her ass from the leather cushion, and placed his hands palms up under her butt cheeks, tilting her pelvis up and lowered his head.

He moaned and she whimpered as he dipped his tongue into her dripping, creamy well. She tasted so damn good. He needed to make her come so he could drink her down. He licked up through her folds and then lavished light attention on her clit and nearly came in his pants at the noises pouring from her mouth. She made these little purring mewing sounds which went right to his cock and balls. He lifted her even higher, pressing her pussy to his mouth, licking, sucking, and slurping, savoring the taste of her creamy honey. He’d never tasted anything so sweet and sexy in his life. He eased her ass back onto the sofa cushion, hunkered down further between her thighs as he wrapped his arms around her legs, and spread them wide.

He circled a finger around the entrance to her cunt, rimming her hole with the pad of his finger and then he pressed the tip in. She bucked up, begging for more, and he answered her silent demand, by stroking into her further. Eli moaned when her pussy clenched around his digit and then he withdrew to the tip before driving his finger back in all the while lapping the tip of his tongue over her clit. With each drive into her he increased the pace of his thrusting finger and when he felt her internal walls twitch and ripple, he knew she was close.

He twisted his fingers until the pads were against the roof of her cunt and searched out her sweet spot. A gasping sob left her mouth and her hips bowed up letting him know he’d found what he’d been looking for. He laved over her clit as she applied pressure to her G-spot and then he sucked her pearl into his mouth.

Eli looked up her body just as her cunt clamped around his fingers. Ed was kissing her hungrily while squeezing one of her nipples between finger and thumb, and Erwin was drawing on the other peak firmly with his mouth. Her legs trembled and she screamed softly just before she started to come.

He growled, her clit, still in his mouth, pulsed against his tongue and he caressed her hot spot continuously, making her body quake and quiver with her climax. When he felt the first gush of her cum on his fingers and hand, he released her clit and lowered his mouth to catch all of her juices. He groaned at the sweet taste of her ejaculate and hoped that she would agree to be their mate so he could taste her over and over again. He would never get enough of her cream, her body, her beauty, but most of all he wanted her heart. Each second he was in her presence he fell a little deeper in love with her. If she rejected them he wasn’t sure he could handle it, and was worried his dragon would end up going rogue. There had to be a way to get her to accept him and his flight brothers, but he wasn’t sure what it was.

Of course the more time they spent with her, the more she would get to know them, but that didn’t mean she would fall in love with them. Yes, he wanted her any which way he could get her, but he wanted her love, too. Hopefully in the end she would form feelings for them and want to stay and be theirs.

After he’d lapped up all of her juices, he eased his fingers from her pussy and kissed the inside of her thigh. Erwin and Ed were running their hands over her shoulders, arms, and stomach as she came back to herself after climaxing.

Realizing there is more to this world than she ever knew possible has knocked Belinda off her feet. But can she learn to accept this strange new world, and love these three amazing men forever?

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