Hidden Dragons 1

Hidden Dragons, the first book of this series by Becca Van revives the eternal conflict between Dragons and Dragon Hunters. Hidden from the world they long to protect, all Dragons live for a long time shifting from Dragon form to human form.

Belinda, meets with the three Dragons, in human form, after having had many erotic dreams about them. Unaware of the existence of Dragons and their war with Dragon Hunters, Belinda is not accepting or willing to believe she is to be part of this world.

These Dragons must now not only convince this lady that she is to be part of a new world, but save her from the conflict in which they have unintentionally introduced her.

Hidden Dragons 1Belinda “Bid” Starling thinks she’s going crazy, because for the last six months she’s been having erotic dreams about three sexy men she can never quite see. Little does she know, she is actually dream sharing with dragon shifter’s Edrick Anders, Elijah Griffin and Erwin Hunter, and that she is their mate!

Dragon shifters have existed since King Arthur and Merlin but so have the hunters. After meeting their woman in a not so chance encounter, Ed, Eli, and Erwin realize that their mate is in danger from a hunter, and whisk her away to their hidden lair to keep her safe. Trying to convince her to accept them as their mates isn’t a walk in the park but they are starting to win her over.

But when a crazy hunter arrives practically on their doorstep and captures their mate will they be able to save her before she gets hurt?

Realizing there is more to this world than she ever knew possible has knocked Belinda off her feet. But can she learn to accept this strange new world, and love these three amazing men forever?

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