Guardian Sabears 4: Heart of Gold

Guardian Sabears 4: Heart of Gold - Book Cover - by Becca VanKenna cried out when Ford licked her from bottom to top. He huffed out a frustrated breath as he gazed up at Flynn. “Hold her.” That was the only warning she got. Ford wrapped his arms around her thighs as Flynn circled an arm around her waist and then she shrieked as her feet were lifted from the floor, the crooks of her knees draped over Ford’s shoulders.

And then he shoved his head between her legs.

* * * *

Ford dipped his tongue into her honey soaked well, lapping up as much of her cream as he could before drinking it down. He licked up through her folds, swirled his tongue around her clit, and lapped back down. Each and every sound, every gasp, moan and whimper of pleasure from his mate was music to his ears. As he twirled his tongue around and over her clit, he rimmed her wet cunt with the tip of his finger and then he penetrated her.

Her legs quivered, and when she started writhing he knew it was time to get her onto the bed. Though he trusted Flynn to keep her safe, to not drop her, this was Kenna’s first time and he didn’t want her worrying about whether or not she was in a precarious position.

“Let’s get her on the bed,” Ford said using their private mind link.

“Fuck, Ford. Don’t do that?” Floyd snarled. “I’m having a hard enough time staying away.”

“Sorry.” Ford felt bad for Floyd, but not bad enough to stop. After he made Kenna come, he was going to sink his hard dick into her tight, wet cunt and fuck her until she screamed his name. Then he was going to bite and claim her.

Less than a second later, Kenna was lying on the bed with Flynn next to her. His brother slanted his mouth over hers, kissing her voraciously.

He got up on the mattress, gently nudging her knees apart then dropped down onto his belly between her splayed thighs.

This time he went for broke.

Ford lapped, licked and sucked on Kenna’s folds, growling with approval as her delectable juices coated his tongue. She was so wet her honey was dripping down over her ass, and though he yearned to test and tease her by caressing his thumb over her star, tending to her cunt was more important right now. He needed to make sure she was as hot and needy as he was. He wanted her begging him to fill her hot, tight pussy with his cock, but first he had to show her how good sex could be.

He glanced up her body when she moaned to see Flynn cupping and kneading one breast, strumming his thumb over the nipple while suckling firmly on the other peak. Kenna bucked and writhed with carnal response. She was so fucking sexy and perfect for him and his brothers.

Shifting a little higher, he swirled his tongue over and around her clit while rimming the entrance with the tip of his finger. He groaned when more of her cream dripped from her pussy hole.

Then he penetrated her.

“Oh!” she moaned, bowing her hips up toward him.

Ford secured his arms around her thighs tighter and splayed a hand over her lower belly, trying to keep her in place. Though he’d lessened her movement, she was still able to rock her hips and he was glad. He wanted her moving with him when he finally got his hard aching dick inside her wet heat.

When he stroked into her deeper, he held his breath when her internal muscles clenched around the tip of his finger. She was so fucking tight. He couldn’t wait to feel how she’d feel gloved over his aching dick.

Slowly but surely, he delved deeper and deeper into her cunt until his finger was embedded all the way. After giving her a moment to get used to his penetration, he pulled back and stroked in again.

Each time he advanced and retreated, he increased the pace until he was thrusting his finger in and out of her with a steady rhythm.

Kenna gasped and groaned as she panted for each breath. When he felt her legs begin to tremble, he realized she was getting closer to orgasm and upped the ante.

Ford lashed the tip of his tongue rapidly over her engorged clit, added another finger to her slick cunt while driving his fingers in and out of her faster and harder.

The walls of her pussy grew closer and closer together and juices wept from her entrance.

And then she stopped breathing right on the cusp of flying.

Ford twisted his fingers inside of her, searched out her G-spot and when he found it, he rubbed firmly over the sensitive skin, his tongue still flickering over her clit.

“Ford!” Kenna’s scream was muffled as Flynn covered her mouth with his. Her pussy convulsed around his still pistoning fingers as she quivered and quaked with ecstasy.

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