Guardian Sabears 4: Heart of Gold

Guardian Sabears 4: Heart of Gold - Book Cover - by Becca VanKenna Peterson and her brother Bently are caught up in a bank robbery when the members of a notorious MC gang storm in and wreak havoc. Innocent people are injured and killed. Kenna manages to get her hands on a gun and kills the leader to save her brother putting them in danger.

Guardian Security is hired by a detective to keep the brother and sister safe when other officers end up dying trying to protect them in WITSEC.

Ford, Flynn, and Floyd Charter know that Kenna is their mate, but the sabear shifters aren’t sure how to tell her what they are. The truth comes out when another attempt is made on Kenna’s and Ben’s life, and when they reveal she’s their mate, Kenna isn’t sure what to do.

Nevertheless the blazing attraction between the quartet is too hot to resist and she agrees to be theirs.

Danger comes to Gambell and it’s up to the Charter brothers and their shifter friends to rescue Kenna and Ben from the enemy.

They’re almost too late.

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