Gold Lust

Gold Lust by Becca Van. The loss of Lacy’s father was another cruel blow, leaving her without any relative in Melbourne. Her brother needed to be told of their fathers demise, Lacy decides to take the message to him herself, to the Ballarat gold fields, if she can indeed find him.

Lacy wasn’t aware of the ensuing dangers taking a stage coach to the gold fields. Facing disillusioned miners and many desperate individuals in the fields, as well as bushrangers on the road.

Gold LustEvery time Walker pinched her nipples she wanted more. No matter how much he kneaded, pinched, and plucked it didn’t take away the ache deep down inside.

Will released her lips and she panted in air, tying to slow her breathing, but she was so excited she couldn’t manage it. Moisture trickled from between her legs and coated the inside of her thighs. She wanted to press a hand against her pussy and relieve the interminable throbbing there but she didn’t think that would help one little bit.

And then Chet grasped hold of her hips and walked closer to her on his knees. She gasped when he pressed his nose against her sex and held her breath when she heard him inhale deeply. Lacy shook with need but was a little trepidatious about how she smelled. She didn’t understand why he would do that, but when he looked up at her with glazed eyes and a smile formed on his lips she figured he must like her scent. His next words confirmed it.

“You smell delicious, love. I wonder if you’ll taste just as good.”

Walker shifted his hands from her breasts when Chet nodded at him and then Kent and Will grabbed a hold of her legs and lifted her. She clutched at Walker’s wrists, vaguely aware of digging her short nails into his skin, but couldn’t make herself let go.

“Relax, Lacy. We’ve got you. We won’t let you fall,” Walker said and then she was being lowered toward the ground, but they didn’t place her bare body on the grass. Walker supported her upper body on his thighs while Kent and Will placed her splayed legs over one of their shoulders.

Chet crouched down between her legs and when she saw he was staring at her sex she tried to close them, but Will and Kent wouldn’t let her.

“Look at me, darlin’,” Walker said.

Lacy tilted her head back and met his blue eyes.

“We are going to make you feel so good, Lacy. Chet is going to lick your little pussy until you scream in ecstasy.”

Lacy gulped audibly and hoped they hadn’t heard her, but she should have known they had.

“It’s all right, love,” Chet said as he stroked his hands up her inner thighs. “We know what we’re doing.”

Lacy had a pretty good idea what he was about to do, too, and although she wanted to feel his mouth on her, down there, she was worried he wouldn’t like the way she tasted. But she pushed that thought aside since he seemed to like the way she smelled.

Her eyes slid closed when one of Chet’s fingers brushed over the hair on her mound and then she moaned when he opened her up further with his thumbs. She clenched and felt cream weep out and hoped he couldn’t see it. Lacy wasn’t sure if that was supposed to happen, but when Chet groaned and stroked a finger up through her folds she didn’t care.

And then Chet’s tongue pressed against a spot at the top of her slit, causing her to buck and moan.

“So passionate,” she heard Kent growl, but then she was blind and deaf to everything around her as Chet started licking her in earnest.

Lacy had never imagined such pleasure. The ache inside was so intense and yet it wasn’t painful. Fire was coursing through her veins and with each lick and lap from Chet’s tongue her muscles tautened.

She mewled when Walker began massaging her breasts again and groaned when he released them. But then she cried out as her nipples were enveloped in warm, wet heat. Her eyes snapped open and she felt them widen for an instant when she saw that Will and Kent were suckling on the tips as if they were babes seeking nourishment.

When she felt something pushing into her hole she shook as paradise beckoned. Her blood heated until she was sure she was burning from the inside out and she realised that Chet was penetrating her sex with a finger. It felt so good but nowhere near enough. When he slid the tip of it nearly all the way back out, she moaned her protestations, but then she groaned as he inched that finger back in.

Each advance and retreat of his finger got faster and deeper and each swipe of his tongue got firmer and quicker. She writhed and wriggled in their hold, seeking more but not sure what she was going to find.

Kent and Will spread her legs as wide as they could go and then they suckled so hard on her nipples it was almost painful, but that bit of pain sent her higher still. She felt like she was shooting up toward the stars and would explode apart once she got there.

Her pussy felt tighter, the walls growing closer together as if trying to keep Chet’s finger out but also trying to hold it in. She moaned when she felt him add another finger and gasped when he twisted them around inside of her.

She cried out and bucked when the tips of those fingers rubbed over a spot so sensitive inside of her she swore she saw stars.

And then she was screaming.

After she is rescued from bushrangers by trackers, can she now make a new start amongst this rough backdrop and be happy with her rescuers? The life she had known is a long way away, and neither option gives a promise of peace and happiness. Can Lacy decide?

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