Gold Lust

Gold Lust by Becca Van. The loss of Lacy’s father was another cruel blow, leaving her without any relative in Melbourne. Her brother needed to be told of their fathers demise, Lacy decides to take the message to him herself, to the Ballarat gold fields, if she can indeed find him.

Lacy wasn’t aware of the ensuing dangers taking a stage coach to the gold fields. Facing disillusioned miners and many desperate individuals in the fields, as well as bushrangers on the road.

Gold LustLacy Tanner buries her father and a month later leaves the only home she’s ever known to search the Ballarat Goldfields for her brother, Craig.

Chet Harland, Will Lesley, Kenton Grady and Walker Doyle arrive on the scene of a stagecoach hold up and rescue Lacy from the clutches of a band of notorious bushrangers.

Lacy can’t believe she is attracted to the four men and although they want her to stay in their home, she knows it’s inappropriate and wants to find work. The men put their foot down and advise her of the dangers a woman alone would face from the wild men mining the goldfields.

Lacy has always dreamed of having love from the man she marries and is unsure the four men she is in a relationship with will ever feel that way about her. Will Lacy make the right choice?

After she is rescued from bushrangers by trackers, can she now make a new start amongst this rough backdrop and be happy with her rescuers? The life she had known is a long way away, and neither option gives a promise of peace and happiness. Can Lacy decide?

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