Elite Dragoons 4 – Tabby’s Rescuers

Elite Dragoons 4 – Tabby’s Rescuers. As part of the Elite Dragoons, the rescue of American Citizens in hostile conditions is a part of life. They don’t often save the same people twice. From different foes, in very different locations, the safe rescue of Tabby leads to pleasures not expected from any of them. The last rescue has left the team, and their damsel, in danger from an overseas crime gang. These elusive villains are part of an international investigation, holding the Elite Dragoons back, and in the line of fire. Can they wait long enough to get the OK to attack. Will they be able to keep their woman safe from harm?

Read the adult excerpt here and get a taste of what the boys do to save their girl.

Elite Dragoons 4 – Tabby's Rescuers - By Becca Van

Elite Dragoons 4 – Tabby’s Rescuers

Fletch stepped back and his brothers moved to stand beside him. They all perused her naked body, running their gazes from the top of her head down to her toes and back up again.

“She looks like a sex goddess, doesn’t she?” Cal asked in a deep, growly voice, which caused her pussy to clamp down and weep more cream.

“Yeah,” Law replied in a husky voice as he tilted his head to the side while looking her up and down. “A fucking angel, more like.”

Tabby couldn’t get enough air into her oxygen-starved lungs, and with each breath she took, her breasts jiggled and her nipples ached. She’d never been so aware of her body, not until she’d met these three men.

Law moved in closer and hunkered down in front of her, his eyes roaming over her nakedness. When his hands landed on her upper thighs, she sighed with relief and wondered if she looked as insatiable as they did.

His hands glided up and down the skin of her thighs, getting higher and higher with each slide of his palms against her flesh. When he got to her knees, he pressed gently, as if asking her to part them so he could see the very heart of her. Tabby didn’t hesitate and separated her limbs, but it mustn’t have been enough for Law. He shifted his hands up higher on her inner thighs and pressed out until she was wide open to their gazes.

“Jeezus, I am so fucking hard right now, I’m aching.” Law’s fingers connected with her outer plump lips, and she cried out with need, leaning back on her elbows to steady her trembling body. She was so wet her juices were coating her inner thighs, and now because she was half lying down, they were dripping down onto her ass.

“You’re very wet, aren’t you, kitten? I can see the cream pooling in your pretty little hole.” Cal knelt down beside Law, and then Fletch knelt down on his other side.

Law leaned in closer to her pussy and she tensed a moment. When he blew his hot breath on her wet folds, she shuddered and goose bumps rose up over her skin. Her arms collapsed from under her. Tabby was shaking and feeling too weak to hold herself up any more. She didn’t care that her hair would probably end up with straw in it. All she cared about at the moment was feeling.

And feel she did.

At that moment, Law used his thumbs to spread her labia wide and then he licked her pussy from her dripping hole to her clit and back again. But instead of stopping at her entrance he continued on, laving his tongue over her sensitive perineum right to her little pucker.

“Fucking delicious.” Law had only lifted his head high enough to speak, and Tabby felt every puff of air on her clit and every vibration of his voice deep inside her womb. “I could spend days eating out that pretty pussy and drinking down that yummy, sweet cream, baby.”

“Oh God.” Tabby gasped, and then she let out a deep, guttural groan when Law opened his mouth wide over her vagina and began eating her out again.

Her head started thrashing back and forth on the hay bale when Fletch and Cal both took a breast into the palm of their hands and began to knead them. She whimpered and bucked and cried out when they sucked a nipple into each of their mouths.

Law’s tongue slithered up through her soaked folds, and then he caged her clit gently between his teeth and flicked the sensitive, engorged pearl rapidly with the tip of his tongue. It was almost too much pleasure to endure but also nowhere near enough. He released her labia, wrapped his arms around her legs, lifted her limbs, and spread her wide. One of his arms moved further around her leg, and then he rimmed her pussy hole with the tip of a finger. Round and round, again and again, he circled her cunt until she thought she would go out of her mind with need.

Then he started to push his finger up inside her. Centimeter by pleasurable, excruciating centimeter, his finger slid along and in, massaging her internal walls. She was breathing so hard now it sounded like she’d just finished running a hundred-yard dash or a two-hour-long marathon.

She couldn’t stay still. No matter how hard she tried, it was an impossibility, but they held her down so she couldn’t travel too far. Law placed the palm of one hand low on her belly and over the top of her pubic bone. Fletcher put his hand on her ribs just below her breast, and Cal had one of his hands on her hipbone.

Tabby was effectively being dominated by them, and she loved how helpless and feminine that made her feel, but she also felt powerful. For some reason, these three men holding her down and loving on her made her feel desirable for the first time in…in forever. The knowledge that she turned them on and they wanted, needed, to touch her was a prevailing feeling. It made her want so much more than just the physical. Her heart was already a vested interest, and she knew as time went by that she would begin to care for them more deeply.

Her thoughts were swept away when Law began to pump his finger in and out of her pussy. The tension inside her grew hotter and brighter until she was sobbing out with pleasure with every breath she took and then expelled.

Cal released her nipple with a resounding pop, and then he leaned up higher and covered her mouth with his. The kiss that followed was open-mouth rapaciousness, a hungry, wild, wet meeting of lips, tongue, and teeth, and only made the inferno inside her burn hotter.

Tabby Carey has been through some major ordeals and has been rescued by the Elite Dragoons twice. Is she able to fully repay her indebtedness to her rescuers?

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