Elite Dragoons 4 – Tabby’s Rescuers

Elite Dragoons 4 – Tabby’s Rescuers. As part of the Elite Dragoons, the rescue of American Citizens in hostile conditions is a part of life. They don’t often save the same people twice. From different foes, in very different locations, the safe rescue of Tabby leads to pleasures not expected from any of them. The last rescue has left the team, and their damsel, in danger from an overseas crime gang. These elusive villains are part of an international investigation, holding the Elite Dragoons back, and in the line of fire. Can they wait long enough to get the OK to attack. Will they be able to keep their woman safe from harm?

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Elite Dragoons 4 – Tabby's Rescuers - By Becca Van

Elite Dragoons 4 – Tabby’s Rescuers

Tabitha “Tabby” Carey is rescued by Calbert, Fletcher, and Lawford Garton from a clinic in Frenda, Algeria, in Africa and is drawn to their handsome faces and muscular bodies. But after they get her onboard the US aircraft carrier, they head out to God knows where, and she doesn’t think she’ll ever see them again.

Cal, Fletch, and Law volunteer to rescue a blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman who has been abducted from the streets of Miles City, Montana, and are delightfully surprised when they realize they are rescuing their Tabby.

After Tabby recuperates from her ordeal, the Garton brothers tell her they want a relationship with her and she agrees. But the whole Elite Dragoons team is in danger. They are under siege from the Japanese Underworld criminals and can’t take the bastards down until they get the go-ahead from their CO. Will the order come in time, or will it be too late?

Tabby Carey has been through some major ordeals and has been rescued by the Elite Dragoons twice. Is she able to fully repay her indebtedness to her rescuers?

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