Elite Dragon 2 – Three To The Rescue

Elite Dragons 3 - Three To The Rescue - By Becca Van Erotic Romance

Elite Dragons 3 – Three To The Rescue

Moving quickly, she scooted her ass to the edge of the counter, closed her eyes, pulled his mouth in tighter to hers, opened up on a sigh, and then moaned. That was the signal he had been waiting for. Lander wrapped his arms around her waist, dragging her body against his, her crotch level with his erection, and swept his tongue into her moist cavern. She tasted so sweet that he couldn’t get enough, and his thoughts traveled south. As he made love to her mouth, he imagined what her wet cunt would taste like.

Tasting every inch of her sweet mouth made his cock ache to be buried inside her. The kiss was so erotically carnal he was close to shooting off in his pants. Easing the kiss back, he nipped at her lower lip and then soothed it with his tongue. By the time he pulled back they were both panting heavily.

I want you so much, darlin’,” Lander rasped. “We all want to make love with you. Will you let us?”

A gamut of emotions flitted across her face, but he sighed with relief when he read in her eyes the answer he had been waiting for. She finally gave a slight nod, and Lander scooped her up off the counter, hurrying toward the bedroom. The vibrations of feet on the timber floor told him that his brothers followed behind him silently.

Lander placed her on the huge bed in her room and followed her down, covering her with his body. The heat coming off her was enough to nearly singe the hair off of him. Leaning down, he cupped the side of her face and slanted his mouth over hers. He kissed her again and again, until she was writhing beneath him and arching up into him, trying to get closer. He’d never felt so full of emotion as he did now that he held her in his arms. His heart was full to bursting.

It wasn’t just a sexual attraction he felt for the woman close to him. It was so much more than that. He was well on the way to falling in love with her. He felt cautious about voicing his feelings, wanting to make sure it was the real thing and that Janie was willing to see where things led. Though he couldn’t admit it, he knew he wanted everything from her and that his brothers did as well.

Drawing back, he maneuvered in between her thighs in a sitting position and reached for the hem of her sweater. His eyes connected with hers and held them as he slowly inched the material up her stomach and finally off over her head. She was left before him in a black lacy bra, and he had to clench his jaw to stop himself from diving at her and taking into his mouth the hard nipple he could barely see.

You are so fucking gorgeous, sugar,” Seton rumbled in a deep voice, and he got on the bed beside her.

Just look at those hard nipples trying to poke holes in your bra,” Wolf rasped.

Let’s make you more comfortable, baby.” Lander’s voice was gravelly and rasping with desire. Reaching out, he flicked the front clasp of her bra open and groaned with appreciation as her feminine flesh was exposed to his sight.

Beautiful,” Seton growled.

Wolf moved up onto the bed and helped Seton remove the bra from her arms. All the while, Janie’s gaze went from him to his brothers and back again. Smoothing his hands down over her stomach, he felt her belly quiver in reaction to his touch, and then he slipped his thumbs into the waistband of her sweatpants. With slow reverence, Lander gently pulled the pants down over her hips, taking her panties with him. He could smell her aroused pussy and could hardly wait to get his mouth on her sweet flesh. When he had her totally naked, he sat back and perused her gorgeous body.

Janie’s belly was soft and warm. She was a real woman, more than a skeleton covered with skin, and he didn’t have to be scared that she would break in half if he got a little rough while he made love with her.

His brothers were in awe of her beauty as much as he was. He could see the reverent desire in their eyes as they looked at Janie, and he couldn’t hold off another moment.

Looking up at her again, he saw the uncertainty in her eyes as she licked her dry lips. She moved her arms, one going across her breasts and the other reaching down to cover her pussy with her hand.

No,” Lander stated firmly and sighed when Wolf and Seton each took a wrist in their hands, stretching her arms out above her head and pinning them to the bed. “Never hide from us, darlin’. You are so beautiful.”

Shifting on the bed so he was lying on his belly, his mouth above her cunt, Lander kept his eyes locked with hers and lowered his head. Inhaling the musky scent of her aroused pussy made him drool for a taste. Closing his eyes, he wrapped his arms around her thighs, opening her limbs wider, and licked her moisture-soaked folds from top to bottom. The mewling sound she made only spurred him on to see to her pleasure. He wanted her to come in his mouth before he buried himself into her warm, wet depths.

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