Club Of Dominance 5 – Heal Me

Club of Dominance 5 – Heal Me, is the fifth installment of the BDSM menage series by Becca Van.

Centered around the relationships forged within a BDSM club, Club of Dominance, Heal me takes you back into Tigard where in a chance meeting our troubled heroin, Kara, meets her dom Doctors, Nate and Nix.

Develop an insight into the story in the following erotic excerpt.

Club Of Dominance 5 - Heal Me by Becca VanKara’s thoughts fled and she hoped her eyes didn’t look like they were bugging out of her head. She drew in a ragged breath, shifted her feet together, and squeezed her thighs, but that didn’t ease the throbbing in her clit. In fact it only seemed to make things more intense. Her panties were soaked through and uncomfortable and she just hoped the two men standing at her sides, holding her hands, couldn’t smell her arousal. How embarrassing would that be?

But it wasn’t just watching the three people in the room that got her libido humming. She was totally aware of the two men holding her hands. There was just something about Nathan and Nixon that drew her to them, and it wasn’t just their good looks or tall, muscular bodies. Although that definitely helped. They were grade-A eye candy and no matter how hard she tried not to look at them, she found her eyes on them over and over again. She’d never been aware of any man in a sexual way before, nor had she ever felt what is was like to be aroused. But she liked it a lot.

Just as she was about to turn to Nathan and ask him a question, the woman moaned. The two Doms were now standing near her hips and the hot wax was dripping closer and closer to the sub’s pussy. Kara held her breath and even though she wanted to drag her eyes away from the scene she couldn’t. Just the thought of having that done to her horrified and fascinated her at the same time. All of a sudden one of the men blew out his candle and reached for something on a small table close to the side of the bench-like bed. But as he turned back to the sub she saw he was holding a cold bottle of water in his hand. He slowly tipped the bottle as he looked at the other Dom. When the Dom with the candle had dripped wax at the top of the subs slit he quickly moved out of the way. The one with the water bottle drizzled the cold liquid directly on the sub’s clit. The sub screamed with pleasure, her whole body shaking and jerking as she climaxed.

The moan that had been building in Kara’s throat escaped, coming out sounding like a needy whimper. Nixon released her hand and spun in front of her at the same time Nathan let go of her other hand and moved behind her. Nathan wrapped an arm around her waist, pulled her back against his front and cupped her breast. Just as she gasped in a lungful of air, Nixon leaned down and started kissing her. His tongue pushed into her mouth just as a hand cupped her pussy. Nathan pinched first one nipple and then the other.

“Come, Kara.” Nathan’s deep voice commanding that she come sent her whole body in paroxysms of rapture she could never have imagined in her whole life. Her pussy clenched and released and more cream wept onto her already sodden undies. Her cry was muffled by Nixon’s mouth as he kissed her deeply, passionately, but all the while his hand cupped, massaged and stroked her pussy through her jeans. The shudders wracking her body were never ending and just as they started to wane, Nixon pushed the heel of his hand over her clit and rubbed harder.

“Again.” Nathan’s voice sounded hoarse. “Come again, sub.”

It was as if she had no control over her own body. She came again. The second climax was more powerful than the first and she jerked in Nathan’s hold, her knees buckling from beneath her. If Nathan hadn’t had his arm around her waist she would have ended up slumping to the floor.

She whimpered when Nixon’s hand left her mound and then gasped in air when he lifted his mouth from hers. Kara couldn’t believe what she’d just done. What she’d let Nathan and Nixon do to her. She wanted to push out of their arms and run but her legs were still quivering and she didn’t think they would hold her if she tried to walk away.

When Nathan swept her up off her feet, she squeaked with surprise but she kept her eyes closed. There was no way she could look them in the eye after what had just happened.

Kara had made a vow to herself when she was fifteen years old and she had just broken that vow. She’d made a promise to herself to never get involved with the opposite sex in any way shape or form. After what she’d found out about her mother and how she was conceived, she’d known there was no way she could ever trust a man.

What the hell have I done?

Nathan sat down and placed her on his lap. Her face was so hot she knew it would probably rival a tomato. Her body was shaking but this time with embarrassment and anger at herself. She wanted to hightail it out of this club, get in her car, and never look back.

How the fucking hell am I supposed to face them? I am supposed to be working for them soon. Maybe they were testing me to see if I was a slut. Will they fire me before I’ve even started working for them? Will they still want me after the way I just behaved? Oh. My. God. What am I going to do?

Kara has met the very men who could assist her to overcome her problems, but is she ready to let them help?

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