Club Of Dominance 5 – Heal Me

Club of Dominance 5 – Heal Me, is the fifth installment of the BDSM menage series by Becca Van.

Centered around the relationships forged within a BDSM club, Club of Dominance, Heal me takes you back into Tigard where in a chance meeting our troubled heroin, Kara, meets her dom Doctors, Nate and Nix.

Develop an insight into the story in the following blurb.

Club Of Dominance 5 - Heal Me by Becca VanKara Benjamin has lived with shame and terror for so long she doesn’t even realize she needs help. She’s practically lived the life of a nun in effort to keep people at an arm’s length. But when she reconnects with an old work colleague and meets her at a BDSM club her life begins to change.

Doctors Nathan “Nate” and Nixon “Nix” Charleston want Kara as soon as they lay eyes on her. When they find out she is unemployed they immediately offer her a job. But the two Dom brothers think they could have ruined their chances with the little sub by making a move on her too soon. Nate and Nix can see the terror and shame in Kara’s eyes and when she won’t answer their questions they hope a scene with her can set her free.

Danger is swirling in the mists and none of them know who is after them. Can they find out before it’s too late?

Kara has met the very men who could assist her to overcome her problems, but is she ready to let them help?

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