Club of Dominance 1 – Between Two Doms


Club of Dominance 1 - Between Two Doms - By Becca Van

Club of Dominance 1 – Between Two Doms

Once Charlie began to relax, he removed the flogger from her back and then flicked his wrist. The slapping noise made Charlie jerk. Though she tugged against the restraints, Barry knew she hadn’t felt any pain, because his friend hadn’t put much force in the hit. With every flick, Turner added more strength until the flogger began to leave pink marks on their sub’s back. He worked his way down until he was flogging her ass. Until that moment, Charlie hadn’t made a sound other than her panting breaths, but now she began to moan as the strands of leather connected with her buttocks and she pushed her hips up into the blows.

Barry’s cock jerked and pulsed, and his balls ached. He wanted to walk up behind her, release his hard dick from his constricting jeans, and ram his penis into her hot, wet pussy with one shove. He adjusted his aching erection and glanced up to see Turner smiling at him. The urge to touch her was too much, so he moved around the cross until he was standing in front of her. Her face was flushed with desire, her lips were plump and swollen, her eyes closed, and tears were running down her face.

Wait.” Barry held his hand up to stop Turner striking her again. “What’s wrong, baby? Is the pain too much?”

No,” she moaned. “It feels so good. God help me but it’s not enough.”

Using his hands, Barry wiped the moisture from her cheeks and then walked back over to the door, where Turner had dropped his equipment bag as they had entered the room. He grabbed a few tissues and the bottle of water sitting on the floor next to the bag. Barry walked back over to Charlie and held the tissues to her nose.

Blow,” he ordered and was pleased when she obeyed without any hesitation. He then opened the bottle and held it to her lips, letting her quench her thirst. “Okay now?”

Yes. Thank you.”

Barry tilted her face and brushed his lips over hers. She whimpered when he licked the line of her lips, and she opened to give him access. He kissed her hungrily, hoping to quench some of the fire running through his blood, but it only made his desire flame hotter. He kept his eyes open and watched Turner move to stand behind Charlie. With a deft flick of his wrist, he flipped the flogger over and caught the base of the dildo. Barry slowed and stopped the kiss, and after stroking a finger over her cheek, made his way around her to stand next to Turner. He was just in time to see his friend run the tip of the fake cock through her dew-coated slit and then over her distended clit.

Charlie groaned and thrust her hips forward even more. Barry slapped one of her ass cheeks and then admired the pink handprint forming on her pale skin. Just as he smacked the other cheek, Turner began to push the dildo into her vagina. She mewled and moaned as Turner slowly but surely inserted the rubber into her cunt. When he reached bottom, he eased out until the tip of the cock was resting just inside her body. Charlie tilted her hips up again, trying to get Turner to shove the dildo in again, but he held still, waiting for her to stop moving. Barry gave her ass five swats in quick succession, showing his dominance over her, and she immediately lowered her lower body back to the cross.

Good sub,” he said loud enough for her to hear. “You will learn that we control your pleasure, Charlie. Not you. We’ll give you what you need but only if you don’t try and take that power from us.”

Please.” She spoke so softly that she almost whispered, desperation evident in her voice. “I need more.”

Turner mustn’t have been able to hold his desire back because he relented and rammed the dildo into her to the hilt. Charlie cried out and gasped as he pulled it back out again. With increasing speed, Turner shuttled that fake cock in and out of her pussy until she was keening and her body began to shake. The force of Turner’s thrusts looked almost violent, but not once did their woman’s cries sound as if she was in pain. She pushed her forehead into the cushioned St. Andrew’s Cross as she screamed with pleasure. Barry slid his gaze back to between her legs, where cream was dripping from her pussy as her vagina contracted and released around the rubber phallus. Her anus was pulsing, opening and closing, giving him and Turner a peek of her sexy rosette.

Barry sat down on the platform between her feet, so that he was facing Turner, and then bent down so he could scoot between her legs. He had trouble getting his shoulders in through the X of the cross, but he persisted and half turned until one shoulder was through. He was in the prime position for what he wanted. Her pussy was just below the middle of the X and accessible to him if he leaned forward slightly. Using his thumbs, he separated her labia, and opening his mouth over the top of her slit, he began licking and nibbling on her clit.

Turner withdrew the dildo from her pussy, and Barry slid his tongue through her drenched folds and sucked her delectable cream into his mouth.

She tastes nice and sweet, doesn’t she, Master Barry?”


Listen to the little sounds our sub makes while we are pleasuring her.” Master Turner moved closer to him and their woman. “I can’t wait to make love to our sub. Would you like that, Charlene?”

Oh God,” she cried when Barry sucked her clit into his mouth, suckling on the sensitive bundle of nerves gently but firmly.

Smack. I asked you a question, sub. I expect an answer,” Turner stated coldly.


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