Club of Dominance 1 – Between Two Doms


Club of Dominance 1 - Between Two Doms - By Becca Van

Club of Dominance 1 – Between Two Doms

When she is ordered by two sexy Doms to strip at a job interview at a BDSM club, Charlene “Charlie” Seward isn’t sure what she has gotten herself into. After revealing almost all of her body to the two men, she balks and wonders if this is the right job for her.

The club owner, Master Turner Pike, and his friend Master Barry Winston are the most dominant, handsome, masculine men Charlie has ever encountered. Unbeknownst to her, Charlie is a natural submissive and the two men pick up on those personality characteristics right away. They want to explore a relationship with the sexy, voluptuous little sub.

Just when things seem to be looking up for the three and their relationship is heading in a positive direction, danger is lurking in the shadows. Malevolence comes calling to Charlie’s doorstep, and it’s a race against time for the two Doms to save her.

Will they get to her in time?


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