Blood Exchange 2 – Callie’s Blood Mates

Blood Exchange 2 – Callie’s Blood Mates. The second in a fantasy vampire series from Becca Van. Calista Morgan falls for two men from a world she never would have dreamt existed. To be with them for eternity she must be turned, but she is having trouble with accepting having to feed on blood for her existence?

The following Erotic Excerpt provides a glimpse into the world Calista has uncovered in Blood Exchange 2 – Callie’s Blood Mates.

Blood Exchange 2 - Callie's Blood MatesDexter groaned and moved his mouth away from her neck, but then he tugged at her shirt. Buttons went flying every which way but she didn’t care. His fingers flicked at the front clasp of her bra, her breasts spilled free, and his hand covered her completely.

Callie whimpered with delight at having her voluptuous globe engulfed in his big, warm manly hand. She looked down to see that the skin of his hand looked so tanned against the white flesh of her creamy breast. As he kneaded and molded her flesh in his, he once more lowered his head and kissed her. And what a kiss it was. His mouth dominated hers from the get-go and she could only follow where he led.

His tongue thrust and glided, his teeth nibbled and nipped, as his hand shifted from around her breast and plucked and pinched at her hard aching nipple. And the cry that left her mouth was muffled by his when Vlad’s mouth joined in the sexual fray. The heat and moisture of his wet mouth and hot tongue on her other nipple had her right on the precipice once more.

Hands tugged at her skirt, and she unconsciously lifted her hips to help them get the encumbering material off of her. Cool air wafted over her legs, making her shiver at the contrast in temperature, but when Dex broke the kiss she groaned in protest.

“Let’s make you more comfortable, baby.” Vlad’s deep voice sent another bout of paroxysms of surging through her body, and her pussy clenched with need, weeping more of her juices.

When she felt Dex lifting her and walking, she wanted to open her eyes and see where he was taking her, but they were so heavy from her passion-induced haze she just couldn’t seem to manage to pry them open. Not that she really cared where they were taking her. All that mattered was that they relieve the burning ache deep inside her cunt and womb.

She sighed as her back landed on something soft and fluffy, and she felt the heat of the fire radiating over her skin and knew they had laid her on the floor on the thick rug next to the fireplace.

They came down on either side of her, still fully clothed, but she couldn’t refute the hunger, the desire she saw in their eyes as they looked her body over from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.

“You are so fucking gorgeous and sexy,” Vlad said before leaning over and kissing her on the belly. He placed his hand on her lower abs and brushed his fingers back and forth over her skin, causing her muscles to jump as she reached up for more.

He shifted around until he was near her feet and clasped her ankle, picking her leg up from the floor. “God but you’re tiny. I can’t believe how small your feet are.” And then he surprised her by kissing the arch of her foot.

Callie didn’t even remember when she’d lost her shoes or where they were, not that it was important right now. The only thing she could focus on was the lap of Vlad’s tongue on her toes, and then he sucked the two smaller ones into his mouth. Electric pulses raced up her leg and right into her pussy, making her clench and leak even more. She gasped and moaned as he worked his way up the inside of her leg until he was nearly at her pussy, but to her frustration he switched to the inside of her other leg and worked his way back down.

She mewled as Dex massaged and squeezed both her breasts, and then he lapped and laved over both peaks alternately. She didn’t even have to lift her hips when she felt her panties being pulled over her hips. Somehow they just slid right off until she was completely naked.

Vlad skimmed his hands up the inside of her lower legs, and when he got to her knees he pushed them open, gently but with an insistence she couldn’t deny even if she was a little uncomfortable at exposing herself for the very first time in her life.

She held her breath when he leaned down close to her wet, aching pussy and inhaled deeply. More heat crept up into her cheeks, and she hoped they weren’t as red as they felt. His eyes traveled up the length of her body until she felt pinned under that hot hungry gaze, and then while she was watching him he lowered his head and swiped his tongue through her drenched folds.

Callie cried out at the first contact of his warm damp tongue on her cunt and her lids lowered to half-mast as her breathing and heart rate increased.

She’d never felt anything so exquisite in her life and wondered if she could go insane from experiencing so much. It was almost too much to bear, but she needed, wanted more. His tongue stabbed into her wet entrance, and he groaned as if he enjoyed the taste of her body’s desire.

She was on fire. Her blood was so hot she felt like she was about to go up in flames. She was breathing so fast, panting heavily, but couldn’t seem to fill her lungs with enough air. His tongue withdrew from her hole and then skidded up once more until the tip of it was flickering back and forth over her clit. Callie moaned and couldn’t prevent her hips from bowing up into his touch, seeking more of the heaven he was bestowing on her.

But then the delight increased even more when the tip of one of his fingers pushed into her cunt. The cry that left her mouth was subdued when Dexter covered her mouth with his and kissed her rapaciously.

Even though she tried to quell the pleasure traversing deep within her body, she didn’t stand a chance.

Is Callie able to fight of the dark wizard, and why is she so important? Vladimir and Dexter need her to be strong and will do anything to help, are they able to save Calista?

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