Blood Exchange 2 – Callie’s Blood Mates

Blood Exchange 2 – Callie’s Blood Mates. The second in a fantasy vampire series from Becca Van. Calista Morgan falls for two men from a world she never would have dreamt existed. To be with them for eternity she must be turned, but she is having trouble with accepting having to feed on blood for her existence?

The following Blurb provides a glimpse into the world Calista has uncovered in Blood Exchange 2 – Callie’s Blood Mates.

Blood Exchange 2 - Callie's Blood MatesVladimir Trance and Dexter Templeton have been best friends and blood brothers for nearly three hundred years, but they are both lonely. They want a mate to spend eternity with but with the blood hunger riding them hard, they feel they could be a danger to humanity. That is until they meet Calista Morgan.

Callie is drawn to the two handsome, muscular men but feels there is something different about them, but what she couldn’t say. That is until they tell her that they are vampires and she is their mate. The two men have inadvertently put her in danger just by meeting her and have to convince her to mate with them so they can keep her safe.

But the dark wizard is able to draw Callie into a dream world and she has to fight him as well as herself. Will the two vampires convince her they are worth taking a risk for? Or will she turn her back on them?

Is Callie able to fight of the dark wizard, and why is she so important? Vladimir and Dexter need her to be strong and will do anything to help, are they able to save Calista?

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