Alpha Province: Ray of Sunshine

Alpha Province: Ray of Sunshine by Becca VanHe shoved to his feet, grasped the back of his T-shirt before yanking up and off, dropping it heedlessly to the floor. Next, he kicked off his shoes, shucking his jeans and boxers with a firm tug.

Her gaze roved over his body, lingering on his bulging biceps before going lower. When she licked her lips as she stared at the delineation of his abs, he almost groaned out loud. Her eyes locked onto his hard dick, and she responded immediately. Her breathing sped up, her breasts wobbling with the rapid rise and fall of her chest and her nipples tightened even further.

Beckett perused her sexy body, staring at the trimmed blonde curls on her cunt. Her legs were only slightly parted but he could see the honey glistening on her plump labia. As he crawled back up onto the bed, he tried to rein his arousal back. He was so famished for his mate, he was fucking shaking. He’d never reacted like that to any other woman, ever.

Crispin lowered his mouth to hers, tilting his head at the last minute before devouring her voraciously. Beckett growled when he saw their tongues dancing and curling around each other’s with erotic intent.

Daire gently unclipped the sling around Jaimie’s neck before easing it from her arm. He carefully shifted her casted arm lower before holding it against her body, just beneath her breasts. Then he swiped his tongue over one of her nipples while pinching and tweaking the other. Jaimie gasped and moaned, trying to arch up in a silent plea for more, but Daire and Crispin held her still.

Beckett caressed his way up her legs, slowly spreading them further and further apart, conscious of not knocking the pillow he’d propped her swollen ankle on, or her ankle itself.

When she was wide enough to situate himself between her splayed thighs, he dropped to his belly and wrapped an arm around her uninjured leg, spreading her even more. He lowered his head toward her wet cunt, inhaling the sweet musk of her honey, taking her scent deep into his lungs for all time.

And then he licked her.

He groaned, and she moaned as he lapped up all her delicious cream as he got closer and closer to his target. He swirled his tongue over and around the engorged bundle of nerves while rimming her entrance with the tip of his finger. When she tried to arch up for more, he placed a hand over her flat lower belly, holding her down.

As he licked her clit, he eased his finger into her dripping pussy. She was so fucking tight and wet he could just imagine how snug her cunt was going to feel wrapped around his dick. However, before he could even think about penetrating her, he needed to stretch her out and give her an orgasm so she was so slick he’d just slide right on in.

Beckett drew his finger back before stroking in again. He just hoped he could hold off his own climax to last the distance. Right now, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to.

* * * *

Jaimie had never been so hot, so turned on, so hungry, ever. Crispin and Daire were devouring her mouth alternately and playing with her breasts. Beckett was slowly thrusting a finger in and out of her pussy while licking her clit.

The pleasurable sensations were out of this world amazing, but she wanted more. So much more.

Cream was leaking out of her pussy, her womb was aching, and her internal muscles kept clenching. She wanted to move, but she couldn’t since they were holding her down.

She whimpered when Beckett pulled his finger out of her pussy but moaned when he pressed two into her. She clenched reflexively around him, moaning as he pushed them further and further into her.

And then he started purring.

She sobbed with pleasure as the vibrations of that sound reverberated on her clit. The pressure in her womb began to build and the walls of her pussy began to coil.

Daire released the nipple he’d been suckling on and nipped her lower lip before delving into her mouth with his tongue. Crispin scraped the edge of his teeth over her other nipple before licking away the sting and drew the hard peak into his mouth.

Heated liquid desire pooled low in her belly as every muscle in her body grew tauter and tauter. Her legs began to tremble and her lower abs jumped each time Beckett licked, sucked, and laved his tongue over her clit.

The wet, frictional slide of his finger along her walls was driving her to the edge of reason with desire, but it still wasn’t enough.

She cried out when Beckett began to pump his fingers in and out of her soaked pussy, harder, faster and deeper, sparking nerve endings to life she hadn’t known existed.

The coil inside was so tight she felt as if she was about to burst apart.

Daire released her lips, kissing and licking his way down toward her breast. As soon as Crispin, who’d been rolling her nipple between his finger and thumb, withdrew his hand he suckled firmly on the other sensitive nub. Daire cupped her free breast lifting it toward his mouth drawing the peak in deeply before pressing it against the roof of his mouth.

Beckett caged her clit gently between his teeth before lashing the pearl hard and fast with the tip of his tongue.

Jaimie screamed as she flew to the stars.

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