Alpha Province: Ray of Sunshine

Alpha Province: Ray of Sunshine by Becca VanJaimie Whitten is running scared, but she has no idea where or who the danger is coming from. After receiving threatening notes on her car and in her apartment she leaves her hometown of Natchez, Louisiana.

Beckett, Daire, and Crispin Rafferty, tiger shifters, know Jaimie is their mate as soon as they see and scent her. Elated and worried for the woman after she’s injured saving a little girl’s life, they are determined to take care of her and woo her.

When they find out she’s in danger, they vow to protect her with their lives. However, that’s easier said than done. How are they supposed to keep their mate safe when no one knows whose gunning for her?

The three brothers think they won’t have a chance to be with their mate when she inadvertently sees some of the shifters change from Kodiak bears to men.

When the threat follows Jaimie to Ambrose, North Dakota, Jaimie faces her own mortality as she and her nemesis come face to face.

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