Alpha Province: Puppet Strings

Alpha Province - Puppet Strings by Becca Van“Hold on to me, sprite,” Dax ordered.

Sage hadn’t been aware of him moving, but when she glanced his way, she saw he was on his knees at her side. She placed a hand on his shoulder, and when he tapped her calf, she lifted her foot. He pulled her jeans and panties off over first one foot and then the other as Cason caressed her bra straps over her shoulders and down her arms.

Her first instinct was to cover herself, but she ignored it. She wanted this, and soon these three handsome, muscular men were going to be touching and kissing all over her body—at least she hoped they would be—and she figured she needed to get over her shyness in a hurry.

“You’re so fucking tiny and beautiful,” Bladen rasped out as he grabbed his shirt behind his neck, pulling it off before dropping it on the floor. He unsnapped his jeans, lowered the zipper, and shoved them down over his hips and thighs before kicking them away.

Sage held her breath as she stared at his broad shoulders, muscular pecs, and bulging biceps. He and his brothers were the sexiest, handsomest, manly men she’d ever seen, and they were about to become hers.

She squeaked when Bladen scooped her up into his arms, causing Cason to release his grasp on her shoulders, and carried her to the bed. As he placed a knee on the mattress he lowered her down to the bed before climbing up near her feet. Dax and Cason got up on either side of her.

She was panting shallowly with nervous anticipation, and while she tried to regulate her breathing, it was an impossible task. All three of the Fox men were eying her body over hungrily.

Dax cupped a cheek, turning her head his way before leaning toward her and pressing his lips to hers. She moaned, her hand landing on his chest, her fingers and palms tingling as she touched him warm skin. She opened her mouth to Dax when he swept his tongue over her lips, groaning as he delved into her mouth, their tongues swirling and gliding against each other’s.

She cried out when Cason cupped a breast, kneading and molding her flesh before lightly skimming his thumb over her hard, aching nipple. Bladen smoothed his hands up and down her legs, starting near her ankles, toward her knees, and higher still.

Sage parted her thighs, spreading them farther apart, eager for more. So much more.

Her whole body was aching with a fiery need, and she knew that the hunger wouldn’t be appeased until Bladen, Cason, and Dax had claimed her as their mate.

Dax released her lips, kissing his way down her neck toward her breasts. She groaned when he swirled his tongue around her ruched areola and cried out when he and Cason both drew her nipples into their mouths at the same time. She arched her chest, trying to get closer and more pressure on the throbbing peaks, but they either didn’t understand her silent plea or ignored it. They were being so gentle with her, too gentle.

Sage felt as if she’d gone insane if they didn’t do something soon.

Both men released her nipples from their mouth, their hands caressing over her bare goose-pimpled skin. When the mattress dipped between her thighs, she lifted her head from the pillow, gazing down toward Bladen. He met her gaze as he situated himself on his belly between her thighs before lowering his gaze toward her pussy. Heat suffused her cheeks as he stared at her exposed sex, but she never once took her gaze from his face. She wasn’t about to give in to her embarrassment no matter how much she wanted to.

She groaned when he blew warm breath over her wet aching folds as he met her eyes again. Keeping his gaze locked with hers, he lowered his head and licked her.

Sage’s heavy eyelids drooped, and then she was crying out as he swirled his tongue around her engorged aching clit. Arching her hips was a reflexive action she had no control over. Bladen hunkered down lower onto his belly, wrapped his arms around her thighs, splaying them wider, and then he began licking her in earnest. His tongue lapped up one side of her labial lips before licking down the other.

She whimpered when he rimmed her dripping pussy hole with the tip of a finger before slowly pressing it in. Her internal muscles clamped down around his digit, and she moaned when he started pumping it in and out, going deeper and deeper each time.

Sage’s legs began to tremble as the fiery ache in her womb and pussy intensified. She’d never known such pleasure was possible and craved more. So much more.

As soon as his finger was embedded all the way, he paused, lifting his mouth from her pussy and his gaze up to hers.

“Have you been with anyone, baby?” Bladen panted between each word.

Sage licked her lips, trying not to wince when he twisted his finger inside of her. She began to wonder if she would survive making love to three men one after the other since she was already feeling pain with just his finger inside of her.

Sage began to wonder if she’d bitten off more than she could chew.

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