Alpha Province: Puppet Strings

Alpha Province - Puppet Strings by Becca VanAfter being beaten, stabbed and almost raped by a man she’d been dating, Sage Garland lives in fear when he got off on a technicality. With the trial over and her life threatened, Sage applies for a job at the new Louis Bed and Breakfast in Ambrose, North Dakota.

Tiger shifters, Bladen, Daxon and Cason Fox, know that Sage is their mate as soon as they meet her, but she makes it loud and clear for them to keep their distance. Nevertheless, the three brothers aren’t about to give up.

Sage can’t ignore the sparks flying between them or how much she comes to like them. She eventually agrees to be their mate.

Then Sage is abducted and becomes almost catatonic with grief and fear when she thinks her mates have been killed. What has she got left to live for?


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