Alaskan Sebears 2 – Game Over

Alaskan Sebears 2 – Game Over. Since returning to St. Lawrence Island, Alaska, all Tammy wanted was for her mates to acknowledge and accept her. Phelan and Hopper have so far all but avoided Tammy since her return.

Alaskan Sebears 2 - Game Over by Becca VanTammy Parks has been in love with Phelan Redmond and Hopper Sawyer forever.

Phelan and Hopper know Tammy was their mate, but doing anything with her before she is an adult and ready for them would have put their lives and hers in jeopardy.

Disheartened and hurt, Tammy went off to college, away from the isolated, Alaskan island. She studied hard to get her degree, always with hopes that her mates will claim her. However, once she finally returns home, they’re still avoiding her.

When Tammy gets hurt, everything changes.

Phelan and Hopper decide it’s time to claim their mate so they can protect her from danger, but Tammy wants nothing to do with them. Phelan and Hopper have their work cut out for them to earn her trust and soothe her pain, and to get her to agree to mate with them.

They’re not sure she’ll say yes.

The men emotions erupt when Tammy is hurt by a contractor on the island. Now unsure of their feelings or motives, Tammy is uncertain if she is truly theirs.

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