Alaskan Sebears 2 – Game Over

Alaskan Sebears 2 – Game Over. Tammy was too young for her mates to bond with so they kept their distance. Nine years later, though Tammy still feels that Phelan and Hopper are her mates, she has become extremely unsure if they feel the same.

Alaskan Sebears 2 - Game Over by Becca VanPhelan nuzzled her cheek with his nose and then slanted his mouth over hers. Tammy gasped and groaned as their tongues danced and dueled with each other’s. He tasted so good, so right, she could have gone on kissing him forever if she didn’t have to breathe. She was so hungry and needy for him, she became the aggressor and stroked her tongue into his mouth, tasting every inch of his moist recess. He growled and groaned, and then to her disappointment, broke the kiss.

“Drop your legs, baby.”

Tammy unhooked her legs from around his hips and whimpered when the boxers rubbed against her aching clit. She was about to tug them out of her folds but Phelan and Hopper beat her to it. They literally shredded her borrowed clothes with their elongated claws until she was standing before them totally naked.

“So fucking sexy.” Hopper, who’d moved behind her while she’d been lost in Phelan’s kiss, smoothed a hand over her ass and then squeezed one cheek and then the other.

“Gorgeous,” Phelan growled as he skimmed his hands up over the outside of her thighs, over her hips, waist, and up toward her breasts.

Tammy gulped and then held her breath expectantly as she gazed up into Phelan’s eyes. “What—” She’d been about to ask what he was waiting for, but he moved his hands from the outside of her breasts and covered them with his large palms.

Tammy moaned and shook as the fiery famishment sent shivers of need racing up and down her spine and deep into her belly.

“Shit, she’s right on the edge.” Hopper wrapped an arm around her waist and then began to lick and nibble on her neck before sucking her earlobe into his mouth.

“Oh.” Tammy’s legs wobbled, and though she tried locking her knees, it was too late. If Hopper and Phelan hadn’t been holding her up she would have melted to the floor.

“Bed,” Hopper said before he scooped her up into his arms and set her on the mattress, then climbed up next to her.

Tammy shoved her hand under the hem of his shirt and smoothed her hand over his ripped, washboard abs, up over his ribs, and over his pectoral. She sighed with surprise when she felt that his small nipple was as hard as her own were. She pushed the shirt higher wanting to see his muscular body, and then Hopper was helping her. He sat up and tugged his shirt up and over his head before dropping it over the side of the bed.

She stared with lustful fascination at all the dips, hollows, and ridges delineated under his warm skin, and just as she was reaching out toward him, Phelan climbed onto the bed near her feet.

Her heart stopped beating and her breath hitched in her throat when she noticed Phelan was totally naked. He was brawny with muscle. His broad shoulders and biceps were bulky. His pectorals, jumped and twitched as he moved, and though he was bigger than the average man, he wasn’t over the top with muscle like a body builder, but he wasn’t far off. His body narrowed at the waist and hips, and when she saw his erect penis, she gasped. The head was broad and bulbous, an angry reddish-purple color, and it was thick and long. Moisture glistened in the slit at the top and she watched with fascination as it bobbed up and down as if of its own accord.

Tammy subconsciously licked her lips and wondered what he’d taste like. She hoped she’d have the chance to find out.

“Breathe, sweetheart,” Hopper whispered into her ear as he shoved an arm beneath her neck and head.

“Are you okay, baby?” Phelan asked.

“Yes?” Tammy cleared her throat when she squeaked out an answer that had sounded more like a question, and then tried again. “Yes.”

“I’ll go slow, Tams. I won’t hurt you. I promise.”

Tammy grasped one of Phelan’s hands in hers. “You would never hurt me, Phelan. I trust you. Stop treating me as if I’m fragile. I’m not.”

Phelan glanced at Hopper and nodded. Hopper nudged her gaze toward his and then he was kissing her. He tasted different than Phelan but oh so good. She moaned as his tongue stroked hers almost lazily, but each slide and swirl fired her libido up another notch. Phelan was more aggressive, going in for the kill. Hopper seemed as if he liked to savor, and Tammy was onboard with both techniques. She’d loved these two men for a long time and had dreamed about this moment for years. Her dreams were nothing like reality and reality was so much better than her dreams.

Just as she was about to turn onto her side toward Hopper, Phelan began to smooth his hands up and down her legs. He started at her ankles, gliding up over her shins, and when he got to her knees, he nudged her legs further apart and then started caressing up and down her inner thighs.

Tammy couldn’t stay still. Her legs moved restlessly and she bowed her hips up off the bed.

Hopper released her lips and then leaned up over her. She cried out when he cupped one breast in his hand, kneading and molding it as he licked over the tip of her other nipple. Her pussy clenched and cream dripped from her hole.

“She’s on fire,” Phelan rasped out as he pushed her legs wider apart.

Tammy jerked and moaned when he blew warm, moist breath onto her clit, and then whimpered when Hopper drew her nipple into his mouth and began suckling on it.

“Oh god.”

“Let’s see if you taste as good as you smell,” Phelan said right before he licked up through her folds.

“Ah,” Tammy cried out as her body quaked and the pressure inside of her built higher.

“So fucking sweet.” Phelan groaned. “I could lick this sweet pussy all day long.”

A mate in danger brings out all a Sebears protective instincts. When Tammy is faced with perils, her true mates come to the rescue and the game is on.

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