Alaskan Sabears 4 – Match Point

Alaskan Sabears 4 – Match Point by Becca VanAll Pepper Silverton has ever wanted to do is fly planes. When she successfully lands her de Havilland plane without any landing gear in the middle of a blizzard on a small remote Alaskan Island, she’s thankful to be alive. What she doesn’t expect is the strong attraction she feels for Calloway Walden and Finbar Stark when she sets eyes on them for the first time—but she plans to ignore it.
Cal and Fin know Pepper is their mate from the first moment and hope to court her into falling in love with them before the mating heat kicks in. However, the fates have different plans, and within hours of seeing their mate, all three of them are burning up with desire.
When twenty kilos of amphetamines are found hidden in Pepper’s plane, she’s knows trouble is brewing.
Her guilt over inadvertently bringing trouble to Savoonga won’t let her jeopardize innocent people, and she makes a spontaneous decision that could end up getting her killed.


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