Alaskan Sabears 4 – Match Point

Alaskan Sabears 4 – Match Point by Becca VanFingers brushed against her waist, and she forced heavy eyelids she hadn’t been aware she’d closed up and met Cal’s glowing, famished blue-eyed gaze. “Lift your arms up, baby.”

Pepper used her strong toned stomach muscles to sit up and then lifted her arms. Cal whipped the shirt up and over her head before tossing it aside. He and Fin gasped loudly, and when she met each of their gazes and saw that they were staring at her silk-covered chest, she looked down. Her breasts were so much bigger they were spilling out of the top of her bra and her nipples were hard points, impossible to miss.

“Fucking gorgeous,” Fin rasped breathlessly as he shifted onto his knees next to her hip.

“Sexy as fuck.” Cal groaned as he reached out toward her. Pepper moaned when the tip of Cal’s fingertip circled her nipple, easing the throbbing in her distended nub slightly. She whimpered when Fin started thrumming his thumb over her other nipple, but nearly cried out with frustration when both men pulled their hands away from her body.

She was about to beg them to touch her again, but before she could voice her words, Cal flicked the front clasp of her bra open and her breasts spilled out.

“Geezus,” Fin growled.

“So fucking perfect,” Cal moaned.

Pepper didn’t feel self-conscious in the least. In fact, she felt kind of liberated at having her breasts on view, and from the way Cal and Fin were staring at them, they more than liked what they saw. Fin cleared his throat as he inhaled noisily. He skimmed his fingers down over her ribs, belly, and stopped when they came to the waistband of her sweats. He pushed a finger in under the edge of the waistband and rubbed his finger back and forth over her sensitive flesh.

She moaned, and while she tried to keep still, she couldn’t stop the instinctive urge to bow her hips up toward Fin in silent begging supplication.

“Can I take your sweats off, sweetness?”

Pepper’s heart filled with warmth at Fin’s question. Even though she’d already agreed to letting them touch her, make love to her with their hands and mouths, he was checking to make sure she was still on board with them.

“Yes. Please?” She bit her lip when she realized she was begging, but she honestly wasn’t upset about that fact. She was too hot and horny to care about anything but them. The next touch. The next kiss. The next…anything.

The ties on her pants were tugged free, and then Fin slowly pulled them lower and lower until they were just covering her mound. He placed his large warm hand on her stomach and caressed her.

“You have the softest skin I’ve ever had the pleasure of touching.” Fin walked down the bed on his knees and then hooked his thumbs into her pants before he tugged them down, taking her the borrowed boxers with them.

“Holy fuck,” Cal whispered.

Fin groaned.

Pepper glanced at Cal to see his gaze wandering up and down her naked body. His eyes stopped in strategic places before moving down further and further and then took the return journey.

She shifted her eyes to Fin when he cleared his throat to find him staring at her pussy. Her internal muscles clenched, forcing more cream to leak out onto her labial lips.

“I love a bare mound,” Fin said breathlessly. He lifted his stare to hers, and her whole body jerked when she saw the blazing hunger in his glowing green eyes. She squeezed her legs together, trying to circumvent the deep, aching need in her pussy and womb, but it only seemed to exacerbate her rising desire.

Cal cupped her cheek, turning her gaze toward his, but before she could lock eyes with him, he slanted his mouth over hers.

Pepper whimpered into Cal’s mouth when he cupped a breast and rubbed his thumb back and forth over the nipple. She arched her chest up toward him and kissed him as passionately as he was kissing her.

She moaned when Fin smoothed his hands up her legs, starting at her ankles and working his way up to her knees. He slipped his hands in between her knees and gently nudged her legs apart. Pepper hesitated for the briefest of minutes, not sure for a second if she should be allowing them to touch and kiss her in this way, but then all thought fled when Cal released her lips and ducked down toward her breasts.

She groaned as he licked over first one nipple and then the other before moving back to the first one. He drew that nipple back into his mouth and suckled firmly before swirling his tongue around the peak. He molded and kneaded her other breast with his hand, and then he pinched the nipple between his finger and thumb.

She hadn’t even noticed that Fin had spread her legs a little wider until he caressed his way up the inside of his thighs. Her breathing grew more rapid and shallow the closer he came to her pussy. Cream coated her labia and the inside of her upper thighs, and the embers burning inside grew hotter and brighter.

She was about to look down toward Fin when she felt the mattress dip between her splayed thighs, but never got the chance. Cal released the nipple he’d been suckling on, leaned up higher onto his elbow and over to her other breast. He flicked his tongue over her engorged sensitive nub before he took it into his mouth and suckled firmly.

Pepper cried out as shards of pleasure shot straight down to her clit and pussy.

She jolted when Fin caressed the pads of his fingers lightly over her labia majora and she groaned. She was astonished by how sensitive the puffy lips of her pussy were and wondered what it would be like to feel more.

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