Alaskan Sabears 3 – Final Takedown

Alaskan Sabears 3 – Final Takedown. Katerina, running for her freedom, if not her life, is escaping her old life not knowing what will become of her. Staying barely one step ahead of the mafia bosses thugs.

Serge and Ward find Katerina in a very poor health and immediately recognize her potential. Over a period of time, they build a relationship working themselves into her heart.

Alaskan Sabears 3 – Final Takedown by Becca VanKaterina Petrov is running for her life. Before fleeing, she was a prima ballerina with the Russian Ballet Company—until she overheard the company’s dance director agreeing to hand her over to the Russian mafia boss.

Serge Moss and Ward Vaughan know as soon as they rescue the injured and unconscious woman that she is their mate. Kat’s life had been all about ballet, and though she’s drawn to Serge and Ward, she isn’t sure she can give up her passion. But with Russian mafia boss Vadim Sokolov after her, she has to rethink her whole life.

Ward and Serge want Katerina by their sides for the rest of their lives, but are they willing to let her go if she decides she can’t stay? None of them can ignore the mating heat, and when Kat overhears what will happen to the two men if she walks away, her decision is made.

She’ll also do anything to protect the people of Savoonga. Even give up her own life.

As the danger comes to the small St Laurence Island, Katerina is torn between her safety and that of her new friends on the island. What will she do… Can Serge and Ward save her?

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