Alaskan Sabears 3 – Final Takedown

Alaskan Sabears 3 – Final Takedown. Katerina, running for her freedom, if not her life, is escaping her old life not knowing what will become of her. Staying barely one step ahead of the mafia bosses thugs.

Serge and Ward find Katerina in a very poor health and immediately recognize her potential. Over a period of time, they build a relationship working themselves into her heart.

Alaskan Sabears 3 – Final Takedown by Becca VanKat began shivering, not because she was cold but because there was a fever in her blood. She didn’t know when she’d reached out to Serge but knew she had when she noticed she was clutching at his shirt. The tips of his fingers dug into her scalp, causing delicious sensations to race down her spine. Her nipples hardened even more, if that were possible, and they began to throb as if begging for attention.

She’d been kissed once or twice back in high school by boys, but the kiss she was sharing with Serge was off the charts. He was confident and dominant with no hesitation at all. He knew what he was doing, knew what he wanted, and took. Kat couldn’t seem to stop herself from giving. Heat. There was so much heat. If she hadn’t known better, she might have thought she was going to burn alive, from the inside out. She was aching all over, not because of the injuries she’d sustained in her mad days-long escape, but because of a desperate need that was building inside of her. Her clit was throbbing and pulsing. Her pussy continually clenched, causing slews of cream to drip onto her already soaked panties.

He caressed and explored every inch of her mouth before coming to rub along and then swirl his tongue around hers. Kat felt as if she were drowning in a sea of exquisite, sensational, heated desire. The yearning to get closer to him was so strong, she wished she could burrow in under his skin and lodge herself in his body. In his heart and soul. She froze as that thought coalesced, a sob of frustrated hunger escaping her lips as she tried to draw away.

Serge released her lips and lifted his head, but instead of pulling back like she expected him to do, he cupped her face in both of his hands and rested his forehead on hers. His sweet breath puffed out rapidly from his slightly parted lips mingling with hers and making her wish her mind hadn’t perked up when it had. That her been her first real kiss from a man, and though she wanted more, hadn’t wanted it to end, she was glad it had. If she’d let things continue the way they had, she might very well have ended up in his bed.

“You taste amazing, baby.” Serge kissed her on the forehead and, after staring deeply into her eyes, released her face.

Kat cleared her throat and unconsciously licked her lips. The residual of Serge’s taste lingered on her skin, causing another moan to build up in her chest, but this time she was able to swallow it back down. She shifted in her seat when she noticed she’d turned sideways and was in danger of falling off and lowered her head, hoping to hide the blush staining her cheeks.

She startled when Ward covered the hands she was wringing in her lap and stared mesmerized at his tanned skin against her paler flesh. He gently pried her hands apart, and then he laced his fingers through hers before lifting it toward his mouth. Kat blinked at the déjà vu moment, a nervous giggle escaping from her mouth. This was how she’d gotten into trouble the first time, when she’d spilled the orange juice onto her hand.

“Look at me, sweetie,” Ward demanded.

Kat slowly lifted her gaze to his. He released her hand, grasped her waist as he shoved his chair back from the table simultaneously, and then settled her over his lap. She gasped as she clutched his shoulders and stared into his amazing amber glowing eyes as she tried to work out how he’d managed to turn her, before placing her over his thighs so she was facing him. She mentally shook her head. She must have been still too dazed from Serge’s passionate kiss, because she couldn’t remember him turning her.

“I need you, too, Kat.”

Kat opened her mouth to reply but never got the chance. Ward’s mouth opened over hers as he wrapped a hand around her throat. She didn’t feel threatened by his hold and knew he’d done it to control the tilt of her head when he nudged her chin up and angled it to the side.

Her whimper of heated need was muffled by Ward’s mouth as he slanted his lips over hers. The tips of her fingers dug into his cotton-covered pectorals as she tried to anchor herself so she wouldn’t float away. Her whole body felt as if it was soaring. This was the way she felt when she was dancing, spinning and leaping across the stage and into the air. She felt weightless, her heart and soul soaring free with euphoria as Ward kissed her. He tasted different to Serge but no less delectable, and she could have gone on kissing both of these men until her lips were chapped, or she passed out.

He made a moaning grumbling sound in his chest. The vibrations rumbled against her breasts, making her nipples to perk up even more. He caressed up and down her sides, following the slight curves of her body, but this time when he reached her hips, instead of making the return journey again, he paused.

He glided his tongue along and then swirled around hers, causing her to moan, and then she groaned as he palmed her ass and gripped both of her buttocks.

Kat shifted on his lap, trying to find some leverage, but her legs were too short for her feet to touch the floor, and his thighs were muscular and spread, so she couldn’t put her knees on the edge of his seat, either. When Ward pulled her against his crotch, Kat whimpered. The hard ridge of his erection rubbed against her jeans-covered pussy, eliciting the deep-seated ache inside her womb to intensify.

Kat wondered how the hell she just stepped out of the frying pan and right into the fire.

As the danger comes to the small St Laurence Island, Katerina is torn between her safety and that of her new friends on the island. What will she do… Can Serge and Ward save her?

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