Why is Eating Out So Difficult?


Rambling On… 4 June 2022.

Last weekend my whole family, my son’s girl and her family met up at a restaurant to meet for the first time.

We had a good time and got along really well. I got to hold an eleven-week-old baby boy which was wonderful. I have to take this chance when I can since I know both my kids don’t want kids of their own and I’m okay with that. Their lives, their choice.

My son’s girl is an aunt to three kids. Her sister, brother-in-law, her three nephews and her dad are all great people.
My son’s girl did a lot of research for our night out, asking specific questions since my daughter and I have issues with food and after being reassured we’d be catered to, she booked a table.

Unfortunately, my daughter and I both ended up sick. My daughter has coeliac disease which I know I’ve mentioned before. She made sure the waitstaff knew her food needed to be gluten free but somehow, she was contaminated.

We’re not sure if one of the kitchen staff used a serving utensil they shouldn’t have, but I guess we’ll never know. Pretty much as soon as she’d finished eating, she was running to the restrooms to throw up.

I was disappointed with my dinner since all I could have to eat was pork and chips. Apparently, all the other food was pre-prepared including the vegetables which had onion and or garlic in them. They didn’t even offer to make me a salad which surely couldn’t have been too hard. I couldn’t even have any sauces or gravies and my meal was pretty bland.

I’m also not a huge pork fan. I will eat it, but I can’t say I love it. Anyway, the next morning I woke up feeling sick. Not sure if there was onion powder on the chips or if my system was just rebelling against the food I’d eaten.

I hate going out to eat now because it’s such a problem to get something to eat that has flavour and sometimes, I still end up feeling ill anyway.

My daughter’s food poisoning symptoms lasted for twenty-four hours. I made sure her meal was removed from the bill total since she was throwing up before we even left the restaurant. We weren’t impressed and won’t be going back.

Sunday my son’s girl woke with a cold. Yes, she had a PCR test and came back negative for Covid. We’re not sure if she got the cold while we were out or from her nephews and though it was only a head cold and she was staying with us, we all got it.

We’re lucky it wasn’t Covid or Flu-rona which is rife here at the moment since we’re in winter.

Next weekend, if all my cold symptoms are gone, I am going to my sister’s home Friday night and I’m staying there so we can share a drink or two and catch up. It has been so long since we’ve been able to sit down and talk to each other that it’s ridiculous.

We’re all too busy in our lives and need to make time for what’s important. The people we love.

Have a great weekend.

Stay safe, sane, happy, and healthy.
Love Becca Van xxoo.



What Have I Been Writing?

I haven’t started writing this month’s book yet. I finished May’s book later than I wanted to, but I also started that late since my man and I went away.

Anyway, last month I wrote Fae Kingdom 1: Fairy Queen and have submitted it to Siren BookStrand for possible publication.

I haven’t heard back yet so keep your fingers crossed.


Slave Gold Elites - Angel Book Cover


Slick Rock 36 –


Available now on platforms like Amazon and Kobo. 



Released May 27.


Slave Gold Elites: Destiny by Becca Van




Slave Gold Elites –               



Available now on platforms like Amazon and Kobo.



Released April 1.




Slick Rock 37 - Fairy Tale Ending - by Becca Van - Book Cover

Slick Rock 37 – 

              Fairy Tale Ending

Available to Order on Siren BookStrand website.

Release Date June 3

Slave Gold Elites - Angel Book Cover by Becca Van

Slick Rock 36 –


Available to Order now on Siren BookStrand Website.


Release Date April 25

What Have I Been Reading?

Mia Knight’s Crime Lord Series Box set 1-3.

I’ve just finished reading Mia Knight’s Crime Lord Series Box set 1-3.

I was engrossed in Lyla and Gavin’s story from the first page and while I sometimes struggled with the violence, Gavin’s actions, and dictates, as well as the way he blackmailed Lyla into marrying him, I finished the trilogy and mostly enjoyed it.

This is a dark romance and though I was aware of that when I bought it and didn’t like Gavin in the beginning, I was on his side by the end.

Mia Knight certainly knows how to write and hook readers, keep them enthralled, and make them cringe and cry.

I will leave it there for now.
Enjoy your week ahead, until next time.


Becca Van XXOO

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