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Rambling On… 03 July 2020.

Sorry, there was no newsletter last week, but my hubby didn’t have the time to do his website magic.

My son was handed the keys of his house this afternoon, Friday and since my man finished his work early for a change he was able to join my boy at the house for an inspection and to pick up the keys.

I’ll be helping my son to choose a reputable real estate agent to sell the property after the fencing and landscaping have been completed.

My man is going to be doing the fencing as far as I know and supposedly my son’s ex’s uncles are doing the landscaping but that remains to be seen. I hope that’s still in the works but if not me, hubby and my son will work as a team to get everything that needs to be done finished so the house can be sold.

Moods have been a bit up and down in our house over the last few months and though there is light at the end of the tunnel life has been a challenge.

There is a second wave of Covid-19 coursing through around 36 suburbs in Melbourne, causing a forced lockdown for 10 postcodes (zipcodes) holding those suburbs, which could have a dire effect on the restrictions that had been lifted. I’m thankful my daughter isn’t in any of those postcodes (zip codes), but she won’t be coming down for the next few weeks since it’s not worth the risk.

Policemen are patrolling the areas which have been put back into lockdown and if the people travelling aren’t an essential service or out for a good reason other than shopping, caregiving work, etc, they’re being sent back home and fined.

So many people aren’t taking the virus seriously and even the staff and security at a hotel in Melbourne where people were supposed to be quarantined haven’t stuck to the protocol of keeping their distance. It was on the news that there were gatherings for card playing and even sex which involved some of the staff and guests.

I can’t believe how complacent people are being when lives are at stake, but some people think they’re infallible or that lockdown is just a huge joke or a reason to party.

If everyone did what they were supposed to stop the spread of the virus and hopefully eradicate it, the restrictions may have been even lighter instead of going backward in some areas.

Since some camping is allowed, my man and I are thinking of going away for a week near the end of July. We will head to the northern part of Victoria with hopefully warmer weather through the day. We free camp, which means we don’t go to caravan parks and won’t be in close contact with anyone since we have everything we need to be self-sufficient.

We actually just bought a diesel heater to help keep us warm at night and I have to say it works great. We did a test of it here at home and were as warm as toast. We also have a carbon monoxide alarm just in case as a safety precaution, but so far so good.

I’m sure you’re all feeling a little stir crazy just like I am, but the months of isolation will be worth it in the long run.

Let’s hope the light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter sooner than we think.

Stay Safe, Happy, Sane, and Healthy.

Love Becca Van. xxoo.

What Have I Been Writing?


I finished writing Beautifully Imperfect book 4 Shaky Ground close to the end of the month and Siren BookStrand has agreed to publish the book.

Thank you, Siren. It took me longer to write since there’s been so much going on in my household, but I got there in the end.

Alpha Province: Renewed Life by Becca Van


Beautifully Imperfect 2 :                   Worth The Risk


Available now on platforms like Amazon and Kobo.



Released June 24.



Beautifully Imperfect:

      Joell’s Saving Grace

Available now on platforms like Amazon and Kobo. 



Released May 12.


Slick Rock 29 - Bed of Roses (SR29) Cover

Alpha Province:
           Renewed Life

Available to Pre-Order now on Siren BookStrand Website.

Release Date July 10

Beautifully Imperfect 3 - No Shrinking Violet Cover

Beautifully Imperfect 3:
        No Shrinking Violet

Available to Pre-Order now on Siren BookStrand Website.

Release Date June 12

What Have I Been Reading?

Kerrigan Byrne’s To Seduce a Highlander: Clan MacLauchlan Berserkers (A Highland Magic Collection Book 1)

I’ve just finished reading Kerrigan Byrne’s To Seduce a Highlander: Clan MacLauchlan Berserkers (A Highland Magic Collection Book 1).

Though the stories weren’t that long, I have to say I enjoyed each and everyone one of the books. There were 4 stories in all.

I’ve never read any of this author’s work before, but I have to say I the stories were good.

I will leave it there for now.
Enjoy your week ahead, until next week.


Becca Van XXOO

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