Where To Go Today? NOWHERE!

Rambling On… 17th April 2020.


Since we’re all housebound, I haven’t done much and don’t have anything to tell you. Nevertheless, hubby and I will be going to the shops tomorrow to do some stealth shopping.

It’s my son’s 26th birthday next Friday and since he and his fiancée are currently having their own home built, they’re going to need stuff to put in it.

My man and I have been looking at things to buy and have decided to buy him a TV. We’ll be sneaking out early and hopefully back home before he and his girl wake up. I have a walk-in-closet which is the perfect place for us to store his gift since they don’t go into it. Hubby and I will have to put up with trying to get at our clothes with a big box in the way. No, I have no intention of wrapping it. I would probably need five or more rolls of paper to cover it.

My man and I will carry the box out early so it’s clearly visible and when he wakes up, I’ll give him his card and just point.

Unfortunately, my daughter won’t be able to join in the fun since she lives elsewhere, but I know she’ll wish him a happy day when she isn’t working.

Luckily, my girl is still currently working as she’s considered an essential service, but it was touch and go there earlier in the week since things are so slow.

My son isn’t working but is now happily, thankfully getting paid by his employer thanks to the government and the job keeper program. He was getting a bit worried since he wasn’t bringing any money in and he and his fiancée were still making payments for their new home.

The building has slowed since there is only one trade group allowed on the building site at any one time, but at least my son and his girl are lucky enough to be living with us and not having to pay rent or board as well.

I’m hoping the spread of the coronavirus stops soon so we can all get back to our normal lives.

It’s amazing what we take for granted until something is taken away from us.

I’m sure you’re all going a bit stir crazy being stuck at home just like I am but hold in there. Hopefully, the virus will peter out in a few months.

Stay safe, happy, sane, and healthy.

Love Becca Van xxoo

What Have I Been Writing?


I am a little behind on where I would like and usually be writing the third book in my Beautifully Imperfect series, which I haven’t as yet titled, but I’m getting there.

The last few weeks have been rife with pain for me, but after visiting my chiropractor, who is also a new person to me, I am feeling much better. I have been in a lot of pain and have had about five migraines in three weeks, and though I am still sore, after seeing my new chiro on Wednesday, I’m no longer in agony.

Though I have still worked while dealing with pain, Wednesday I only managed to get three thousand words down. I do not know why but I always feel guilty when I don’t reach my 5000-word target, but this time I just couldn’t continue. Nevertheless, I am much better than I was and am back up to speed.


Slick Rock 28:


Available now on platforms like Amazon and Kobo. 



Released March 18.


Pack Law 10:
         Golden Opportunity

Available now on platforms like Amazon and Kobo.

Released March 3.

Beautifully Imperfect 1:
         Joelle’s Saving Grace

Available to Pre-Order now on Siren BookStrand Website.

Release Date April 3

Alpha Province:
           Renewed Life

Available to Pre-Order now on Siren BookStrand Website.

Release Date March 20

What Have I Been Reading?

I have slowly been making my way through Christine Feehan’s Dark Carpathian series again. I am currently reading Dark Fire the 6th book in the series and am enjoying it even though I’ve read it before.

I love Tempest Trine and how brave she is trying to save the man of her dreams.

I will leave it there for now.
Enjoy your week ahead, until next week.


Becca Van XXOO

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