What Was The Dog Thinking? ?

Rambling On… 19 March 2021.

A couple of weeks ago, my mum was savaged by a dog.

Just after we came back from our vacation, my parents visited, and my mother had her arm in a sling.

My parents were visiting with my brother and family, wife, children, and grandchildren to celebrate a birthday. They had a barbecue outside. My mom had her plate on her lap and her drink on the ground beside her.

She reached down to pick up her drink and then the next thing she knew she was crying out in pain when my niece’s dog bit her and ripped into the skin of her arm. The wounds were bad, and she was rushed to the hospital where she underwent surgery to have the tears in her skin cleaned and stitched up. She was admitted overnight since she’s frail because she has an inoperable brain tumor.

She told me she didn’t even see the dog standing beside her and thought that maybe the Staffordshire Bull Terrier got skittish because he might’ve thought she was going to push or swat him away.

The dog was put down at the vet and though I’m sad for my niece and her family, and I was horrified the dog attacked for no reason, I’m glad he didn’t attack any of the kids. They could’ve had their faces shredded to bits and serious injuries which could’ve affected them for the rest of their lives. While I hate that my mum was hurt, even she said, “better her than one of the little kids”.

The wounds have mostly healed, and she won’t need plastic surgery like the doctor thought.

I don’t know why, maybe it’s because of all the horror stories we hear through the media, but I’ve never been comfortable around Staffy’s, Pit Bulls, or other aggressive dog breeds. They make me nervous.

We’ve had a black Labrador we named, Ben, and of course our two Beagles, Tasha, and Toby whom I still miss.

I’ve thought about getting another dog from the pound but if we did that, hubby and I wouldn’t be able to go away to the national forests where we camp since dogs aren’t allowed. I hate leaving an animal in a boarding kennel even if it is just for a couple of weeks. One because its bloody expensive and two, I feel guilty and always worry.

Hubby and I might consider getting another dog when we’re older and after we’ve been to all the places we want to see in our amazing country.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Stay safe, sane, happy, and healthy.

Love Becca Van xxoo.






What Have I Been Writing?


I’m still writing Slick Rock 33. There’ve been so many ups and downs but I’m liking how the story has panned out so far.

I’m hoping that Kiara Bellamy gets her HEA with Storm, Jenson, and Reece Cage. I still haven’t decided on a title yet and I have a couple in mind but have chosen which it will be.

Hopefully, by the end of the story, I’ll know for sure what I’m going to call this book.

The Alpha Province Collection - Volume 1


The Alpha Province Collection – Volume 1

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Released March 18.


Slick Rock 31 - Wild and Reckless - by Becca Van




Slick Rock 31 :             

                Wild and Reckless


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Released March 10.




Pack Law 12 - Loving Perfection by Becca Van Cover



Pack Law 12:
                    Loving Perfection


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Release Date March 5


The Alpha Province Collection - Volume 1

The Alpha Province Collection – Volume 1

If you haven’t tried the Alpha Province series yet, try it now!

Available to Order on Siren BookStrand website.

Release Date February 9

What Have I Been Reading?

 Red Phoenix’s Brie’s Submission (4-6) (The Brie Collection Book 2).

I’m reading the last book in Red Phoenix’s Brie’s Submission (4-6) (The Brie Collection Book 2).

I’ve enjoyed reading about Brie and Sir Davis, about their emotional and physical conflict, and how they’re growing together as they get to know each other.

I think I’ll definitely be buying the next trilogy in this series.

I will leave it there for now.
Enjoy your week ahead, until next week.


Becca Van XXOO

PS. Email me. Let me know what you would like to learn of me…

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