What To Do With An Empty Aquarium???

Rambling On… 11th September 2020.



Not much has been happening in this neck of the woods. We’ve had a beautiful week of sunny days which have been fabulous and I’m looking forward to a bit warmer weather. Although I love spring, this year the pollen in the air is rife and creating havoc with allergies, but I’m healthy and happy and still breathing so I can’t complain. Just thought I’d mention it since I don’t have anything to really talk about since we’re still in stage three lock down until the end of the month.

I know you’re probably sick of hearing about Covid-19 as much as I am, but I’m glad to see that the number of infections in Australia, particularly Melbourne, Victoria which as been a hot spot for months are slowing down.

Since July, the infections in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs were in triple digits but thankfully, that’s no longer the case. I live about an hour south of Melbourne and though my town and the surrounds hit double digits, the number of cases is now back to single digits.

I spoke with my daughter the other day and though she’s over being locked down under stage four restrictions, she’s okay. Stage four means that only one person per household is allowed out to do the grocery shopping. No non essential other stores are open including clothing and other shops. There’s a 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. curfew in place, and travel beyond five kilometres from home is frowned upon unless you’re and essential service worker or a carer.

I’m really, really hoping the restrictions we’re under are going to ease so we have a bit more freedom. The weather is fining up and is perfect to go camping soon.

My son had his first day at the computer place on Wednesday and though he was as nervous as hell—who isn’t when they start a new job—he enjoyed his day. He’s going to be working Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for his probationary period and after that he’ll be full time. I have every faith in him that he’ll breeze through his trail time and be offered full time work. He’s very smart and has a great memory. I wish I did, but I don’t, and my memory is getting worse as I get older.

My hubby has a terrible memory. Luckily, he has two sets of reading glasses, because he’s lost a pair. He put them down last weekend somewhere at home, can’t remember where and can’t find them. I haven’t found them either. God knows where he left them, but he is a man and does have domestic blindness.

Onto another subject.

After losing my seahorses, Penny and Leonard I tried to grow some plants in my aquarium and failed. I didn’t think things through before I started and forgot to put stones in the bottom for drainage. The plants died. Not a real surprise.

I thought about getting more plants and doing it properly but then I changed my mind. If hubby and I go away and my son is no longer living here, the plants won’t get watered.

I decided it was better to use fake plants and I found some plastic animals at a toy store which didn’t cost much, bought some colourful stones and, Voila…

It’s a bit of fun and I love how my aquarium looks and now there’s no cleaning, watering, or maintenance necessary.

Stay safe, sane, healthy, and happy.

Love Becca Van xxoo.

What Have I Been Writing?


I’m still working on Beautifully Imperfect book 6. While I’m still getting to know my characters, Kyla Hall, Wade, Cliff, and Grey Newman, the story is going well.

I totally love it when I have an idea in mind, but my characters make me deviate from the plot. Gotta love an unplanned path and unexpected surprises.

Slick Rock 29 - Bed of Roses (SR29) Cover




Slick Rock 29 :             

            Bed Of Roses


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Released August 20.




Beautifully Imperfect 3 - No Shrinking Violet Cover


Beautifully Imperfect 3:

         No Shrinking Violet

Available now on platforms like Amazon and Kobo. 



Released July 23.


Beautifully Imperfect 5 - Loving Mercedes Cover

Beautifully Imperfect 5:
           Loving Mercedes

Available to Pre-Order now on Siren BookStrand Website.

Release Date September 18

Becca Van - Beautifully Imperfect 4 - Shaky Ground - Cover

Beautifully Imperfect 4:
                    Shaky Ground

Available to Pre-Order now on Siren BookStrand Website.

Release Date August 10

What Have I Been Reading?

Heather Rainer’s Lumberjack Weekend (Divine Creek Ranch 21)

Last night I finished reading Heather Rainer’s Lumberjack Weekend (Divine Creek Ranch 21)

I love the fictitious town of Divine and all the characters. If you’ve never read any of Ms. Rainer’s books, I recommend you start with the first book in Divine Creeks Ranch series. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

In fact, if you love a good ménage romance, you’re going to love this series.

I will leave it there for now.
Enjoy your week ahead, until next week.


Becca Van XXOO

PS. Email me. Let me know what you would like to learn of me…

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