Terra-Form 2 – Taming Olivia


Terra-Form 2 - Taming Olivia - By Becca Van Erotic Romance

Terra-Form 2 – Taming Olivia

Olivia forced her eyes, filled with trepidation, open as a large cock kissed against the hole of her cunt. She was scared Hugh would rip her apart, but the fire that had just been doused began to build again. She felt her flesh separate, a burning sensation making her tense as the head of his cock forged into her body, popping through the tight muscles.

Easy, honey. Breathe, don’t tense up,” Hugh crooned, offering comfort.

Olivia kept her eyes locked on to his now completely glowing golden eyes. He was her only anchor in an unfamiliar world. She watched as he rocked his hips forward, gaining depth an inch at time, pausing often, giving her body time to adjust to his penetration.

Do you have any idea how sexy you are?” Hugh asked, his voice a deep growl. “You feel like heaven around my cock.”

She’s so beautiful, isn’t she, Hugh?” Cedric more stated than asked.

Without a doubt, the most beautiful woman in the whole universe,” Hugh replied, pushing in another inch.

Olivia was grateful when Hugh paused when she felt the head of his cock hit her tight flesh. She didn’t want to feel any pain but knew it was inevitable.

Massage her clit, Cedric.”

Olivia mewled as Hugh began to withdraw his cock from her body, but her protestation turned to pleasure as Cedric swirled the pad of his finger over her engorged clit. She bucked her hips up, trying to get Hugh back into her body, wanting more of the pleasure she had felt as he entered her. Hugh grasped her hips in his hands, holding her still, not letting her move. Olivia growled at him, trying to convey her frustration without words, which were beyond her passion-fogged brain.

Shh, sweetheart. I’ll give you what you need. I don’t want to hurt you or for you to hurt yourself. Let me control our lovemaking, Olivia,” Hugh panted out.

Olivia tried to twist out of his grasp, but he was too strong for her. She slumped back down onto the bed, her eyelids closing, breathing out a sigh of defeat. Her eyelids flew open again, the friction of his cock sliding back into her wet cunt exquisite. He slid in and out of her body, slow and gentle, penetrating her a little more each time. He grasped her hips more firmly then plunged though her hymen until she could feel his large, heavy balls against her ass. She had never felt so full, or so alive. Her internal muscles spasmed around the length of Hugh’s cock, making her groan as her head thrashed back and forth on the pillow.

Olivia felt a hand on her chin gently turning her face until she was looking into Cedric’s eyes. He bent his head to hers, taking her mouth with his own. He devoured her, leaving nothing untouched, untasted. He tangled his tongue with hers, curling it around her muscle, drawing it into his mouth until he suckled on her tongue. She cried out in objection when Hugh pulled her away from his brother. He had her sitting up on his lap, totally impaled on his hard cock, straddling his hips. He lifted her mouth to his and kissed her. She was totally oblivious to anything going on around her. She responded to Hugh’s kiss, tangling her tongue with his.

Olivia stiffened when she felt a wet finger against her ass. She pulled her mouth away from Hugh and turned her head, her eyes connecting with Cedric’s. “What are you doing?”

I’m preparing you, sweetheart. Don’t be afraid. I promise not to hurt you.” Cedric growled.

You’re not…you can’t…”

It’s all right, Olivia. Just breathe evenly and deeply. If it’s too much, let me know and I’ll stop,” Cedric said.

Olivia, we have to take you together, sweetheart. We need to make sure our claim holds. Trust us not to hurt you,” Hugh stated.

But…it’s not right,” Olivia declared.

Why isn’t it right, honey? Everything we do in the privacy of our bedroom couldn’t be anything but right. We only want to bring you pleasure. Will you let us do that for you? Please, Olivia?” Cedric asked.

And if I don’t like it? If I want you to stop?”

All you have to do is say so, honey. We’ll stop if you ask us to,” Hugh reiterated.

Okay, but I’m not promising,” Olivia stated.

No, sweetheart, by the time we have you ready, we’ll have you begging,” Cedric said with a smile.

Olivia didn’t think so but tried to relax her body. She gasped with pleasure as Cedric massaged her ass. She’d never have dreamed the nerves at her anus were so sensitive. She felt the tip of his finger push into her body, and her muscles clamped down around the intrusion.

Keep breathing, Olivia. In and out. Good girl,” Cedric crooned.

When he withdrew his finger, she had to bite her cheek to keep her cry of objection from escaping. Then he was pushing two digits into her body. His wet, slippery extremities pumped in and out. He stretched them wide, extending her tight muscles, pushing through as they clamped down on his digits and Hugh’s large cock. Her internal muscles were gathering again, coiling tighter and tighter as her mind tried to fight off the overload of sensations.

Stop, Cedric,” Hugh panted. “She’s not going to last, and neither am I.”

Olivia moaned as Cedric withdrew his fingers from her ass. Now that she knew what it felt like to have something shoved up her ass, she craved the sensations. She needed it. She wanted more of the dark pleasure they could give her.

Olivia gasped when she felt the wide, blunt head of Cedric’s cock pushing against her ass. She breathed in and out, consciously trying to relax her muscles. The pinching burn as he pushed into her body was almost too much to bear. Then he was through, the head of his cock just inside her body, not moving, giving her time to adjust.

Olivia whimpered when he pushed inside her even farther. He slid his cock back and forth, gently forging his way into her body without causing too much discomfort. She breathed deeply, evenly, keeping her body under control as much as possible. Her muscles clenched and released around the two cocks now buried in her depths. Hugh and Cedric had a hold of her hips and waist, keeping her still, not letting her move even though she wanted to, desperately needed to. She was about to scream, demand they do something, but sighed instead as Cedric slid his cock back until the corona was just resting inside her ass. As he pushed his way back into her body, Hugh withdrew his cock, the wide mushroom head just inside her cunt.

Olivia had never felt anything like it. Pleasurable sensation after sensation sent shivers through her body, sliding over her nerves endings, her body reaching for the rapture she knew only these two men could give her. She was panting, the noise loud even to her own ears. They moved in a slow, synchronized rhythm, one withdrawing as the other surged forward. She had never felt so full. To have two hard cocks thrusting in and out of her body was out of this world.

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