Sugar Creek 5 – Marigold’s Werewolf Mates

Sugar Creek 5 – Marigold’s Werewolf Mates. Marigold comes to Sugar Creek for the wedding of her good friend Primrose. Her arrival is marred with mayhem, as she sprains her ankle after being let down by her car on the side of the road.

Visiting a friend in Sugar Creek has brought a whole new dimension to life as she knew it, when she finds out about the boys alter animal. Yet rather than being scared away, she is more intrigued and can’t understand her feelings and why she wants to be close to them. Wait, can she have all three? Prim will have the answers.

Mari finds all is neither safe or cohesive within the wolf community and finds herself in danger.

Read the following Blurb to be teased by this Becca Van werewolf tale in Sugar Creek 5.

Sugar Creek 5 – Marigold's Werewolf MatesMarigold Hemming is thankful when she meets Taylor Henderson, and Sin and Michael Avero when she gets two flat tires and ends up with a sprained ankle on the side of the road. She can’t get enough of their delectable musky-pine scents and is drawn to them almost instantly. But when the three men tell her they are werewolves and she is their mate she isn’t sure what to do.

She plies her good friend Primrose with questions and although she knows she could end up with a broken heart she can’t walk away.

There is also dissension in the merged packs and although the three men vow to protect their mate at all costs Mari finds herself in trouble. She’s able to escape the danger of one crazy wolf only to find herself stepping into the path of another. Will her mates get to her in time to save her life?

Mari finds that being with werewolves is no less dangerous than she would have presumed prior to knowing they were real. But the sensual, erotic and protective feelings she experiences when she is with them, is intoxicating. Can she leave?

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