Sugar Creek 3 – Sara’s Mates

Sugar Creek 3 – Sara’s Mates. Coming to grips with her sisters choice of partners is one thing. Developing a relationship with not one but two werewolves is quite another. Sara retreats home after her sisters wedding in Sugar Creek. Her reluctance and departure from Sugar Creek has created a sense of loss she just can’t explain.

Returning to her normal life seems to be almost impossible after visiting Sugar Creek. Home no longer has that familiar safety around it, as werewolf danger comes calling from within her own circle of acquaintances. Sara’s Mates need to rescue their love. Are they close enough to be able to?

The following Adult Excerpt will give you a taste of the third installation of Sugar Creek – Sara’s Mates.

Sugar Creek 3 – Sara's MatesTony pushed her shirt up and nudged her onto her side. Chase helped her move over, drawing her body against his, and he continued to kiss her with a rapaciousness she couldn’t help but return. She’d never felt such a deep hunger, and even though she wanted their touch more than anything, she wasn’t sure she’d survive feeling their hands on her body. Hands tugged and pulled, and Sara let them do what they wanted. She shivered when the cooler ambient air brushed over her skin, and she realized she was naked from the waist up.

Chase slowed the kiss and then he lifted his head. A shudder ripped up the length of her spine, causing goose bumps to break out all over her skin. They eased onto her back again and then Tony maneuvered down the bed until he was sitting near her feet. His heated gaze met hers, and as she watched him he reached for the button on her jeans and tugged it open. With their eyes still locked together, he slowly lowered the zipper, and then he was pulling her jeans and panties down over her hips and off over her feet.

“Fucking beautiful,” Chase’s voice was deeper and huskier than it was before, and when she looked at him she saw that he was perusing the length of her naked body.

“Absolutely gorgeous,” Tony whispered just before his hands began to caress up and down her shins. When he reached her knees, he gave them a light rub before meeting her eyes. “Let us in, baby. Open up for us.”

Sara slowly spread her legs apart, and the low rumbling growls which elicited from the two men sent her desire up another notch. Her breasts were jiggling with each breath she took, and the more she panted,the hotter she got.

“Your cream smells amazing, Sara,” Tony rasped as he shifted on the bed until he was lying down between her splayed thighs. “I have to taste you, baby.”

Tony lowered his mouth to her neatly trimmed pussy and a groan of pleasure erupted from her mouth at the first long lick he took. She forced her heavy lids open and looked down at him through hazy eyes and watched and felt the touch of his and Chase’s hands on her naked flesh. But instead of Tony tasting her again like she expected him to do, he began nibbling and licking up and down her inner thighs.

Chase started kissing her again, and as he did, he cupped her breasts in his hands and kneaded the fleshy globes. She cried out when he pinched both nipples between his fingers and thumbs, causing shards of pleasure to shoot straight down to her pussy. Her clit throbbed, her cunt clenched, and cream pooled in and then began dribbling from her hole.

Chase weaned his mouth from hers, kissing and nipping down the length of her neck. His mouth slid down her body, taking one hard nipple between his lips, and sucked hard on her throbbing peak, making her thrust her hips up, trying to gain contact where she needed it most. He let the nipple pop from his mouth, licking down over her slightly rounded belly, laving around her navel, then dipping his tongue inside before working his way back up to her breasts.

Tony’s head hovered over her mound, and he gave the top a gentle kiss before he moved further down between her legs, his wide shoulders parting her thighs even further. He slid his warm wet tongue within the folds of her swollen labia, licking around her flesh from the hole of her vagina to where her prominent clit protruded and ached, begging for his touch.

She cried out as he flicked his tongue back and forth rapidly over the sensitive bundle of nerves, and she shoved her hips up closer to his face. A deep guttural moan formed in her chest, then escaped from her mouth when Tony pressed a finger up inside her cunt. When he began stroking it in and out of her, she couldn’t keep still, her head moving restlessly on the pillow beneath her head, and her hips began to rock.

“Yes, sugar,” Chase whispered in her ear, “fuck that pussy onto Tony’s fingers. Take what you need, mate.” Chase nipped her ear, and then his teeth scraped down on the sensitive flesh beneath it.

She nearly cried out in protest when Tony withdrew his finger from her pussy, but then she mewled when he came back with two. His fingers were so thick and strong, she could feel the delicate wet flesh stretching, and there was a slight widening sensation as he pushed through and up until they were buried deeply within her body.

“So good,” Sara gasped. “I feel like I’m on fire.”

Tony lifted his head from her pussy and met her gaze briefly. “Then burn for me, baby.”

Sara has some decisions to make. Find out how her adventure unfolds in Sugar Creek 3 – Sara’s Mates.

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