Sugar Creek 2 – Melissa’s Acceptance

Sugar Creek 2 – Melissa’s Acceptance. The recent breakup was painful for Melissa. She had vowed to not have any more to do with men. The Aerth brothers unfortunately weren’t aware of that when they recognise her as their mate. Even with her strong feelings for these men, Melissa feels the need to leave them.

Conflicted and confused, her life hangs in the balance after an accident. Desperate measures need to be taken to save her life, but is she able to accept both the men that provide her with such strong feelings and that they are werewolves.

Sugar Creek 2 - Melissa's Acceptance - By Becca Van

Sugar Creek 2 – Melissa’s Acceptance

A small insight into the story of Melissa’s Acceptance follows in the adult excerpt.

There was no way she could walk away without experiencing their complete touch. Their complete possession. If not in mind and heart, then at least in body.

Damian slowed the kiss and then lifted his head. He was gasping for breath and she could have sworn that she felt him trembling.

“Baby, we want to touch you and show you how good it could be between us. We won’t do anything you don’t want us to, and if you ask us to stop, I promise that we will stop immediately.” Damian paused to swallow and Melissa heard him. That little sign made her realize that he wasn’t as sure of her as he seemed. She looked over at Luke and saw that he was clenching his jaw, and he also looked like he was holding his breath.

Melissa needed their touch so badly and even though she could end up getting hurt again, she couldn’t refuse them, didn’t want to.


Damian rose to his feet, taking her with him. She expected him to put her down, but he didn’t. He began walking toward the hallway and the bedrooms.

“Thank you, Melissa. I realize what a gift you’re giving to us by accepting us, our touch. We would never do anything to purposely hurt or upset you.”

Melissa rested her head against his chest and drew in a deep breath. After holding it for a few seconds, she slowly released it. She was so horny and nervous she began to tremble, and hoped that if Damian could feel her quaking that he didn’t think she was scared of him. Because she wasn’t. In fact, she wasn’t worried that he or Luke would hurt her in anyway at all. Didn’t that mean that she trusted them? There was no way she would have acquiesced to what was about to happen unless she trusted them. Would I?

Damian lowered her to the bed and then got up beside her. The mattress dipped on the other side of her and she knew Luke had joined them. Luke bent down and took her mouth with more hunger this time. His tongue glided along hers, tasting and exploring every inch of her cavern. She lost herself in the hunger and sexual intensity of his kiss.

The mattress dipped near her feet and she knew that Damian had moved. Melissa felt large, warm hands sliding up the outside of her jean-clad calves. They moved higher and higher until they caressed over her hips, and then one hand held her still while the other undid the button and lowered the zipper. All the while, Luke kissed her with a hungry carnality. She was only vaguely aware of her jeans and panties being pulled down her legs and off over her feet. Those hands, which had been caressing her legs, were back, and this time she could feel the slight abrasiveness as Damian’s callused hands caressed over her flesh. His skin felt so warm and the heat of his touch ramped her arousal higher.

Moving restlessly, she moaned as the exquisite feelings aroused her to a fever pitch. Two more hands slid up beneath her T-shirt and she knew it was Luke.

Luke broke the kiss and then began to nibble and lick his way down her neck. He paused to nip at her earlobe and then began his journey downward again. Luke pushed her shirt up and over the top of her breasts, and then his hands were stroking her belly. He took his time, exploring every inch of her abdomen, over her ribs and up toward her breasts. When he enclosed her flesh and kneaded both globes, she groaned again in appreciation of the exquisite sensations firing through her system.

If this had been a dream, she never would have wanted to wake up.

Luke’s hands at her breasts shifted and then he flicked her nipples with his thumbs until they were hard peaks of undiluted arousal. She could feel her desire weeping from her cunt. Her clit was one big, throbbing ache. Damian’s hands skimmed down her legs, grasped her ankles, and then he spread them wide. He began to caress his way back up, skimming the inside of her thighs, getting closer to the heat of her body. She arched her hips up, trying to direct his touch where she needed, ached for them the most.

When she felt Luke’s warm, wet mouth suck a nipple into its depths, she pushed her breasts forward, eager for more of his carnal touch.

Damian’s hands were so close to her pussy she wanted to beg him to stop teasing her and touch her, but before she could voice her needs, he reached the apex between her legs, and gently slid a finger through her wet, hairless lips.

Melissa was on fire.

She gasped when Damian’s fingers caressed through her cream, as if he was gathering it on the tips of his digits, getting closer and closer to her clit, but not actually touching it. She needed to be touched there so badly, her clit was throbbing with every beat of her heart.

Her pussy was clenching in spasms, as if begging to be filled. And it was. The emptiness inside was nearly more than she could stand. With the first brush of Damian’s finger over her clit and the mouth suckling her nipples, alternating between breasts, it was enough to send her over the edge. The pressure inside was getting higher and higher, and even though it frightened her a little with its intensity, she couldn’t fight it. The heat inside her flamed into an inferno and she opened her mouth on a soundless scream. She came with an explosion. Her body shook and quivered. Her pussy clenched and released as it expelled copious amounts of cream and fluid. Tears pooled in her eyes and she turned her head to the side.

“Oh fuck yeah. That’s it little Mel, give me your cum.”

Melissa walks out of a relationship and into a new world. She needs to accept the changes in her life to keep the men she is most attracted to. Can she do it?

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