Soul Sentinels 2 – Pen and Paser

Protection from Demons by Gods. Why wouldn’t you want to believe that? Nina has had an awakening into the world of evil demons and those chosen to protect humanity from them, an awakening that has not lessened her fear or allowed her to believe in what she has experienced.

Soul Sentinel 2 - Pen and Paser by Becca VanPaser swept her from her feet and moved toward the bed. He gently lowered her to the mattress and then his fingers were on the hem of her shirt. He pushed the material up, exposing her lower belly. The brush of his fingers on her heated skin made the muscles on her abs twitch.

“You are so fucking soft.” Paser groaned and then he lowered his head, licking across her stomach, leaving a wet trail which caused goosebumps in his wake as the air in the room cooled her heated, damp flesh. Paser lifted his head, gave her a gentle smile and then pulled her shirt up over her head. When his eyes snagged on her bra-clad breasts, her first instinct was to cover her nakedness, but she held still and let him look. If they were going to be her mates, she would need to get used to being naked in front of them.

“Abso-fucking-lutely gorgeous.” Pen growled, drawing her gaze.

Nina’s breath hitched in her throat when she looked at Pen. While Paser had been kissing her belly, he’d taken the time to remove his clothes.

He had wide, muscular shoulders, defined pecs, bulging biceps and a narrow waist. The hair between his pecs made her fingers tingle and she wanted to know whether it was as soft as the hair on his head or coarser, and she would find out soon enough. She let her eyes wander down over his thick, brawny thighs before taking a deep breath and gazing at his groin. Her heart flipped over when she caught sight of his long, thick cock and she licked her dry lips.

“Lie down, sweetheart.” Paser gently pushed on her shoulder and she obeyed his directive without a qualm. He got up onto the bed beside her and pressed his lips to hers.

Nina smoothed her hands over his shoulders, the back of his neck, and threaded her fingers into his hair. He tasted different, but just as good as Pen did, and she never wanted them to stop kissing her. No matter how many times their lips met hers, she knew she would never get enough. She wanted to crawl in under their skin and worm her way into their hearts, like they had already done to hers.

She felt the bed dip near her feet and then the button on her jeans was tugged open, before they were pulled down over her hips and away. Goose bumps raced over her skin and she shivered, but not because she was cold. The total opposite was the reason she was trembling. Her whole body was on fire.

“Please,” she whispered against Paser’s lips.

“We will, sweetheart.” Paser kissed over her shoulder down her arm, and then over the top of her breasts. She didn’t even notice he’d unclipped her bra until she felt the straps sliding down her arms.

She startled when large, warm, manly hands smoothed up and down her shins, getting higher and higher with each pass until the tips of Pen’s fingers brushed against the edge of her panties.

“I can smell you, baby. You smell so fucking sweet.” Pen kissed her hip before laving the tip of his tongue over the flesh-covered bone. A giggle escaped before she could stop it, but it didn’t seem to bother him any.

She held her breath when Pen’s thumbs hooked into the waist of her panties and slowly pulled them down. The air left her lungs in a gasp when Paser cupped a breast in his hand and licked over the hard peak.

Her eyes fluttered closed and she arched her chest to get more of the exquisite sensations humming through her body. When Pen’s hand cupped her naked mound, she cried out in shocked pleasure. She hadn’t been expecting him to do that, but now that he was, she wanted more. He didn’t press hard, but the slight pressure on her wet cunt caused her clit to throb and cream dripped from her hole.

“I can feel you,” Pen gasped as he maneuvered between her legs. “I can feel how much you want us. Your little clit is throbbing right along with your heart.”

Accepting this brave new world with Pen and Paser still leaves Nina feeling inadequate. Unfortunately forces abound will give her the greatest test. Survival.

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