Soul Sentinels 1 - Set and Sab by Becca Van

The moment Zara Barry sees Setau Abasi and Sabu Azizi walk into the diner in Price, Utah she’s intrigued.
Set and Sab had been working as slaves thousands of years ago for the greedy pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. That was until they stepped in to stop an elderly slave from being whipped to death right in front of their eyes.
The sun god, Ra stepped in when Set, Sab, and six other slaves tried to save the old man’s life and rewarded them with immortality, almost superhuman powers, and the status of demi-gods. Their task is to protect humanity from the underworld’s god and Ra’s nemesis, Apep, from releasing his shadow demons on humans for eternity.
Set and Sab realize that Zara is their woman but aren’t sure how to go about meeting her. However, fate steps in when Zara falls and hurts herself giving Set and Sab the opportunity for first contact with their mate. Convincing her that she is safe with them is another matter.

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